Another Worm Out to Attack Hk Companies



I just posted the article Another Worm Out to Attack Hk Companies.

I already have had over the 20 emails with this virus in my mailbox the last days.

Less than a week after the Code Red computer virus wreaked havoc around the world, another worm is infecting…

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This is so OOOOOLD The first time I got this virus is over a week ago, since then I receive it dozens of times a day.


I know i started to get my 1st mails from saturday but if you tooked your time and look on the source site you see the dat of it is the 25th!! And there is more then only this quote i posted here.and to see how the worm spreads it and to bad to post on it here.


What does it matter if it’s a bit old, as long as it’s usefull news and that’s the case :wink: There also a removal tool at Personally I have an auto-reply enabled in Outlook Express on these e-mails which also give this removal url to the sender so that person can desinfect his computer. Perhaps a good idea for others. Just look under Tools -> Message Rules.


Which dumbass uses Outlook Express? Or opens those files? Try eudora :slight_smile: BTW: GET A LIFE FREAKS :stuck_out_tongue:


This affects Eudora as well !


Yep, this bugger has a built in mailer. It’s gets it’s emailadresses from your cached internetfiles or your adressbook.


No, it won’t affect Eudora. If you are stupid enough and click all those attachments yourself… but in that case virus is in user. Outlook is, so far, the only way to collect all those self-starting phenomenons. Without outlook, you don’t have any problems with macroviruses. Seen some, suffered none with Eudora. Been in 'net since 1989.