Another "wich one"

Posted this first in the “wich 8x burner to choose”-thread, but it doesnt seem people are reading there…

I am looking for a dvd-burner, that as well as writing +/-RW and DL, also will complement my liteon 52246S cd-burner as good as possible copy-protection-wise.
The 52246S performes pretty well with safedisc and audio protections, although i dont own any safedisc 3+ titles as of yet. I imagine it is not very good with securom.
What matters to me is:
1:Compatibility with cd-copy-protections other than the ones the 52246S do easily.
2: Compatibility with existing dvd-copy-protections, and probably soon to come dvd-copy protections
3: Dual layer burning, and dvd +/- RW.

Price not really a matter.(within sensible limits)

I have read that it might as well be a good idea to also “invest” in a cheap liteon dvd-rom also, for playing recorded discs.

Thank You for inputs You might have!!

so, your question will become:
Nec 2510 vs. Liteon 832s :slight_smile:
maybe vs Benq something…

1: for copy-protected game backups, liteon is said to be the best
2: all drives can rip DVD’s, but NEC by default has a speed lock for dvd videos, patched firmware can remove this limit.
3: current dual layer burning drives are: Liteon 832s, Nec 2510, and one Benq, that will have dual burning firmware later this year.

You forgot:
SONY DRU700: DVD+R9 = 2.4x, DVD±R = 8x, DVD±RW = 4x, CD-R = 40x, CD-RW = 24x, 2Mb


LG GSA 4120B: DVD+R9 = 2.4x, DVD+R = 12x, DVD-R = 8x, DVD±RW = 4x, DVD-RAM = 5x, CD-R = 40x, CD-RW = 24x, 2Mb

both already to buy.

ASUS DRW-1608: DVD+R = 16x, DVD-R = 8x, DVD+RW = 8x, DVD-RW = 4x, DVD+R DL = 2.4x


BenQ DW1650: DVD±R = 16x, DVD±RW = 8x, DVD+R DL = 4x SATA (mcbyte, propable referred to this one)


Toshiba TS-H552B: DVD±R = 16x, DVD±RW = 8x, DVD+R DL = 2.4x will come in the near future.

i didn’t know about LG, but sony, i forget in the first place, second it’s a liteon 832 rebranded sony…

S-ATA is great if you are like me always plugging and unplugging drives. :bigsmile:

For reading CD disks, common CD-ROM drives can do that. CD-R writers are not that more expensive and even combo drives that can also read DVD-ROM disks cost little considering the expensive shipping fee and the inconvenience to order and look for information to buy anything. No DVD writer is as good and fast as CD writers that are currently selling most but one can always have the option to have multiple DVD burners for all kinds of tasks, reading, burning, ripping, whatever.

I don’t know what DL drives are available in Norway right now. I’d ignore Sony DRU-700A unless it offers anything better than Lite-On SOHW-812S/832S.

ND-2500A/2510A are great for the money. LG has the most features but it might cost more than Lite-On and NEC.

The market will rapidly move to 16x. When 16x drives begin to flood the market, anything less will soon disappear exactly as happened with 32x and 40x CD writers, 8x and 12x DVD-ROM drives.

i am getting an 8x dvd now, not waiting till 16x.
because i will have a drive at a speed half of those sold at that time (knowing that 16x dvd writers is max that can be made).
till new blu-laser, or any new technology comes out.

now, i have a 4x cd writer :slight_smile: very slow compared to 52x (20 minutes to burn a cd), but i don’t burn much, and i was happy with it.

Ideally, I would buy a liteon dvd/cd rom, a plextor premium and a dvd-recorder intended only for dvd-backups, but together with my liteon 52246s and a multi-card-reader-frontpanel I dont have enough 5.25" bays. :slight_smile:

My wife will kill me if I remove the card-reader-thing. It is very practical.

So I have room for two new drives, and one must be a dvd-recorder (+/-RW and +R9). I must match the dvd-recorder with my liteon 52246s and the second new drive.(either a dvd/cd rom or a plextor premium).
Cant decide… :confused: