Another "what should i buy" topic

I’d like to buy a quality DVD burner. One with DVD-RAM capability as well. BenQ, NEC, LG, and Samsung seem to be the brands of choice around here.

I don’t necessarily care too much about Lightscribe and its counterparts. I think, for the most part, I will be using the drive to burn tv shows (from hard drive), the occasional movie/game (again from Hard Drive), music, and periodic backups of important files. And of course play games/ watch movies.

Checking out NewEgg, I see:

BenQ DQ60
Samsung SH-S162A and L
NEC 4570A
LG 4167B

Any recommendations? I guess what I seek most is quality burn (few errors) followed by good compatibility with DVD players. Speed is still important to me too though.

read reviews etc etc, but from what i understand, the 4570 has firmware issues, and the quality isnt too good. The DQ60 is no good, and i dont know anything about the Samsung. I think the LG is good.

Personally I have a 4551, and that works well, although theres no more custom firmware for it produced.