Another VS

Sorry for this other VS …

I have a BTC 1008IM wich is working fine … but with very good media. I’ve bad results for exmample with the les Ritek I bought in england.
One of my friend as a Pioneer dvd bruner with wich he has good results. If the media is not godd, he burn it at 2X or 1X and he can play it in any DVD player. With my BTC if I have bad quality media and if I burn at 2X instead 4X I can’t play it in any DVD burner.
(I asked in the BTC forum if somebody has the same problem)

So I want to buy a second burner, what I wan’t is not to have good speed, or to can burn Double layer DVD (it’s too expensive), but I wan’t to be able to play the DVD i burn in any DVD player.

What about Pioneer DVR-A07XLA or Plextor PX-708A or PX-712A ? What shoud be the best choice for quality ?

Thanks for your reply,

Paris, France

My recommendations if writing quality is your main concern:

1: NEC ND-2500A or NEC ND-2510A
2: Pioneer DVR-107/A07.
3: Plextor PX-712A

Ok for NEC and Plextor but Pioneer is so better than LiteON 812S with the last firmware? :confused: