Another vcd problem

ok i am using a tdk 4800b which is 48x16x48 and i burned the vcd at 12x using nero. my problem is that the video and sound are synced but as the video progesses the sound and video become more and more out of sync, but as soon as i click on the timeline(in powerdvd) backwards or foreward no matter how much, A/V are synced up again only to go out of sync again. any suggestions on fixing my problem?

This is a problem of the key frame ratio and the interleaving of your encoding program. You should set a key frame every second (25 frames on PAL, 30 on NTSC) and a sound interleave of 100 msec. The resulting video is larger, but sound remains synchronized.

well when i play it on the computer it plays fine. but its only when i burned it. it plays good in a dvd player but not in my computer drives. any more suggestions?

Use WinDVD instead of PowerDVD for playback. I never have problem with it.

is windvd free? also can you supply a link? i dont like to search on google cause chances are ill click teh wrong webstie and download a virus infectd one. thanks

No WinDVD is like PowerDVD, both are not free. Their home page is at where you can download their demo.