Another US plane down on New York - Terrorists or not

I just posted the article Another US plane down on New York - Terrorists or not.

For those who can’t reach the usual news sources for general information, there is a new plane crash that frightens us all. An Airbus has gone down on Queens, New York.

An American…

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Unbelievable. My sympathy to all the victoms and their family and friends. Terrorist attack or not, once again a great tragedy :c

Sitting here watching it now…again…really is beyond surreal(Terrorist attack or not)! My heart goes out to all those affected :c

So what? Next thng you know you’re gonna report 'bout every accident. I thought this was ‘CD’ Freaks, not some sympathy site.

SATAN - My father die in air-plane crash in 1980 ( Poland Warsaw fly from N.Y. to Warsaw 14 march )and I do respect all messages on any site for their family and friends.Maybe one day you will understand that…

SaTan, And I bet when you go to a steak house your order Shrimp don’t you. Have a little respect, stop thinking of yourself. :r And to the families of this, I only wish them the best and my deepest sorrow.

can this guy be banned?

I understand that this is in the view of September 11th and I feel sorry for all the victims, but can this “god bless america” stop? It was fine at the beginning but it’s becoming a little bit irritating… BTW, no one should be banned for what he says but for the way he says it

Finaly some one say it,and i’m totaly agree with Wizard13 please stop saying god blese America. It’s for sure becoming a little bit irritating.

Jimmhop, when I go to a steakhouse I expect to find STEAK, just like I expect to find information about CDs on CDfreaks :4 Folharth, I lost several ppl in accidents, but don’t expect to find news about similar cases EVERYWHERE. Ruben, ban me? Why? I’m just sick and tired of all the HYPE around these things happening in America, better focus on the killing of innocent ppl in Afghanistan and other countries.

Satan: Focus on the killing of innocent people in Afghanistan? And what was the killing of more than 5000+ people on Sept 11th? Whatever you wish to do about who to blame and who to mourn, what to say and what not to, you have a god given right to “choose” what those things are, so why dont you use them and stop bitching about what you do or not like… And in case your wondering who the fuck am I to say something, I lost 19 close friends in the WTC attack and Im pretty sure you dont know anyone, either here or in Afghanistan (or other countries). Sooo… God Bless America! Cause Im American. Cause I love the USA. Cause the USA is fighting to stop terrorism so me and my family can be safe. Cause to me, its the best country in the world!

Well, I feel sorry with you Yankees, it’s not your fault you’re being brainwashed in that policestate of yours. You may love USA, but I f*ck it :4

Hey Hypnosis4U2NV Read this,it’s censored in the best country in the world! ========================= Terrorist pilot Mohammad Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986. The Israelis captured, tried and imprisoned him. As part of the Oslo agreement Israel had to agree to release so called “political prisoners”. However, they would not release any with “blood on their hands”. A well meaning American President, Ronald Reagan and his Secretary of State George Shultz “insisted” that all be released. Thus Mr. Atta was freed and eventually “thanked the US” by flying an airplane into tower one of the World Trade Center. This was reported by many of the networks at the time that the terrorists were first identified. It was censored in the USA from all later reports. The public must be made aware of this fact.