Another unburnable game?

Hi, I have another game that I suspect is protected with some wicked copywrite. Ive tried EVERYTHING. liteon and plexwriter 40 speeds and ive tried clone cd4 , blindwrite, cd mate, Ive tried slowing the read speeds down. The game im talking about is links 2003. Its a golf game from microsoft. I dont have the software to check for what copywrite but I suspect its securerom. This is the first game I have not been able to do. I am going to have to resort to imaging and daemon tools if I can ever figure out how to use it.

Use YaPS or Scout to scan for the copy protection.

Microsoft has always used safedisc rather than securom in the past (but, of course, it’s possible that the evil empire may have switched).

If it is safedisc rather than securom, your Lite-on should be able to copy it.

where can i find YaPS or Scout I did a search on the web and couldnt find them :-\

Nevermind forgive me for being such a m0r0n. :frowning: search the dam forum idi0t!!! lol I found it thx

This game has safedisk2 according to YaPS. I dont understand why i cant burn it then. It has me messed up. Ive burned everything successfully from easy games like unreal tournament to diablo2 to warcraft3, renegade. etc… this one is a real pain ive tried 4 differnet burning programs.

It’s probably sd2.8x and a lot of people are having trouble making back-ups of cds with that version with clonecd.

Use discdump (either through the burnatonce interface or with the standard frontend) and, if you use the standard frontend, a burning program with a raw mode that supports cue sheets to burn the image.

Instructions together with details of suitable programs and relevant links can be found here .

Originally posted by ManOfsyN
where can i find YaPS or Scout I did a search on the web and couldnt find them :-\
It also means you haven’t read the FAQ :stuck_out_tongue:

heh I know future I was a m0r0n for a brief moment not to think of searching the forum or the faq section. :confused: Its just it was one of those things where I was in total disbelief and my patience had ran thin and I didnt think about it until after I made that post. I had been trying to burn this game for 2 days. I did think of it right after that tho and I did just that. Philamber, thx buddy I appreciate it. I tried it with cd mate a few times but I tried it as an image to my hdd the same way you do it with clone cd. I am not real familiar with it tho so I didnt know about the wizard where you could pick what kind of protection you wanted to burn. I just assumed it was an automatic adjustment within the program. You can bet I will get REAL familiar with it now, because After you sent me that post which I will remember where it is now always, I burnt the game first try with both my writers. :bow: Still, Undefeated!!! hehe that is until I go up against the new secure rom :-. Take it easy and Id like to add you to my buddy list if you dont mind. Ive been doing this for awhile but by all means still a newbie heh. KNOWLEDGE “IS” POWER ! ! !

thanx for the help guys worked a charm. DiscDump and fireburner Rock:bow:

I believe Links 2003 is Safedisc 2.60.052

can confim portmac’s SD version
ive got it and it can be backed up with regular SD2.51 settings (ATIP must be hidden if running in writer)
just fully install the game anyway, its quicker than running the levels of the cd (still must have the cd in tho)