Another TY heads-up for UK members



I was in PC World earlier, and they had 10 packs in slim jewel cases of Panasonic TYG03, and 100-spindles of the same.

Watch out though, there are 25 pcs spindles of Panasonic -R in there too, which are MIT. So choose carefully. :slight_smile:


They have them in a Curry’s near me in 10pc’s also. Love how on the boxed version they state “Made in Japan” so you can’t miss it :bigsmile:


Maybe they lurk at CDF :bigsmile:

I was in Curry’s too, but if I’d even sniffed at media, my mum would have throttled me :bigsmile:

Edit: Forgot to mention - the 100 pcs spindle was in the usual TY cakebox.


I saw the Panasonics today in PCW, didn’t know they were TYs though.

Pricey , £39.99 for 100 I think, or was it £34.99?.


Im going to pc world tomorrow so i shall check for you (if the branch sells them)… can someone post a piccy of a ty cake box?


Hehe, I might have been tempted (yes, even at those prices) had they been the +R (T03) variety.

As for the TY cakebox, isn’t there a pic or two in the TY FAQ? If not, I’m sure if you ask kg_evilboy real nice, he’ll post one. :slight_smile:


Ah… but you see the thing is… im very lazy…

Ok… i did have a look, and it seems that the ty cakebox is ridged on the bottom, and has a kink on the top part… is this right?


Not sure about the ridge on the top part (maybe I’m misunderstanding you), but there’s definitely a wider rim around the bottom, maybe an inch or so. :slight_smile:


what about this?

(the one on the right is fake, but i would assume that it would look the same)


Another one for the bugs forum. It’s asking me to DL “attachment.php”.

Click the post number (on the right), and it’ll open up a window with just that post. Copy and paste the URL for it. :slight_smile:

Edit: nm, got the pic. Yeah, like the Plex one on the left. :iagree:


aha… well heres a picture off google


Bingo! :bigsmile:


If they are TYs that isn’t pricey, svp charges the same for 100 TYs.


Hi :slight_smile:
PCWer’s will be wishing they’d gone to SVP. Note the Panasonic. :bigsmile:@ £27.98 per 100 :clap: :iagree: :bigsmile:
BTW Arachne you using a new k/board, or just being heavy handed. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 100 spindles had the TY cakebox, and both those and the 10 packs said MIJ (the Panasonics I’ve bought previously were MIJ, and TY).

The only iffy ones (as in, who made them?) were the 25-spindles, which said MIT, and weren’t in a TY cakebox, either. :slight_smile:


I must say I am dubious about cakeboxes being used to decide if something is one brand or not. I bought the Tevion CDs sold in Aldi they are in exactly the same style of cake box as the TY DVDs I bought from SVP, though they aren’t TY CDs. I’d say MIT would be the definate giveaway. But that is my own humble opinion.


I guess I trust a company like Panasonic. If their spindles say MIJ, and the cakebox is a TY style one to boot, I think it’s a fairly safe bet.

I do understand the reasons for not using cakebox alone to determine the maker of a disc, though…as you say, the TY cakebox has been faked (by Memorex as well, if I’m not mistaken!). :iagree:

And yeah, that’s why I said the smaller 25 spindles said MIT, and had no TY style cakebox…would have been easy to assume they were MIJ too, if one didn’t look too closely.

I wouldn’t say your opinion was humble :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Nah, Maxell Canada faked them, if I remember correctly.
Memorex only cloned the printed shrinkwrap style.

I will post some high-resolution photos of TY cakeboxes soon.

Anyway, nice to hear that TYG03 has showed up in Verbatim cakeboxes. I wonder when the shops in this area will start carrying them…

zebadee, which site exactly showed that?


You’re right, I stand corrected :bigsmile:


Cheeky mare :bigsmile:

Well the 25 TYs I bought to try, yes I got them at last when my friend ordered a DVD writer from SVP, are Panasonic in 25 packs but they do come in the TY style cake box and had a lovely red oveal on the top saying “Made in Japan”. They must be sourcing from more than one manufacturer. Now all I have to do is convince my friend to let me use his card again to order a few more,