Another TS-L532M issue

Sorry I shot past the meet & greet so I’ll say “hi” here… As you guessed from the title, I’m a HP owner (dv5030us) with a POS burner. Worked well up until a few days ago and I’ve been battling it ever since. I Googled everything I could find on this drive and the hits that had the most detailed info was this site (thanks Toshibaer & Chef). Physically printed drive info - TSST Corp Samsung TS-L532M, firmware HR08, CSEL… Nero Infotools does not give me MASTER or SLAVE - I get “found drive 1 at HA:1 ID:0” (this makes me think that there is only 1 IDE that the HDD and burner are sharing = CSEL?). I’ve deleted all burning software and reinstalled only Nero 7. Windows recognizes the drive at boot and in explorer. It will read CD-ROMs & play DVDs but won’t burn either…CDs (everything from Verbatim to Sony and beyond) lock at 7% and then it times out with a failure to burn… I’m at my wits end and very hesitant to flash this drive without being sure of the MASTER/SLAVE setting… If the best solution is to purchase a new drive, I’ve already started lining that up…I guess what I need a shove in the right direction. TIA

HP’s don’t use master/slave, only cable select, so your Nero scanner is quite right. Use exactly the same jumper configuration on your new writer as your old one has.

That’s the answer I was looking for… thanks…