Another TS-H522U issue

Well I pretty much have most of the complaints others reported here on the forum mixed up in a very annoying cocktail, none the less, perhaps some of yours expertise may bring me a great help.

Basically, my drive burns n reads cd’s well enough, but when it comes to read dvd’s it just wont work. Oddly enough, it reads all the dvd’d burned by me, n tottaly ignores dvd’s burned by any other equipment (says it has 0 bytes of 0 bytes).
I know for a fact the dvd’s I tried were burned by Nero, and I use it too so the problem is not on the program used. Can’t be the dvd itself as they’r readable on other computers.

Thanks in advance to any that see’s any possible solution, this goes over my limits now.

OS - win xp sp2
firmware - us07