Another trophy for the freaks- NEC 4570A OEM- $41.39 from Shop4Tech-free ship

Ah, come on! You know one more drive isn’t going to hurt. Besides, it’s the first of the month, payday and all, I’m a newbie and i’ve already got 6 drives in hand, soon to be 7. :iagree:

1 16X DVD+/-RW Drive with RAM - Black - Bulk - NO software (ND-4570) by NEC (ND4570A)
Subtotal: $45.99
Discounts & Coupons (10.00%) - $4.60
Shipping: (Free::UPS) $0
Grand Total: $41.39
Use “Techbargains10” coupon code, no tax (except in California, I believe).
Free UPS ground ship.
Shop4tech NEC4570

* Features:
      o Dust protected enclosure
      o Emergency eject
      o Tray load mechanism supporting horizontal and vertical use
* Interface: IDE/ATAPI
* Burst Transfer Rate: PIO Mode 4 / Ultra DMA 33
* Access Time: CD - 140 ms; DVD - 160 ms
* Audio: Digital-out and line-out at the back (MPC Compatible)
* Cache: 2 MB
* Compatibility: MPC Level 3, MultiRead, PC2001
* Transfer Rate:
      o Read: CD - 48x CAV max; DVD - 16x CAV max
      o Write: CD-R 48x CAV, CD-RW 32x ZCLV; DVD+R 16x CAV, DVD-R 16x CAV, DVD+R9 8x ZCLV, DVD-R DL 8x ZCLV, DVD+RW 8x ZCLV, DVD-RW 6x ZCLV, DVD-RAM 5x ZCLV

CDFreaks Preview
Already some Liggy and Dee firmware available.
Liggy&Dee firmware thread

This drive is iffy right now. Not one of the best NEC’s to own.

The firmware updates will improve the minor bugs. I remember the 3550 had some doubting Thomases as well and had a good improvement with each new frimware, but that is what makes it exciting, to see how the various strategies in the firmware work out.
I only use the TY from Shop4tech or Rima, so I am not worried about how CMC or Opterons are going to burn.
“Ya don’t make good cookies with cheap flour”, is what my grandma always said. :cool:

Some like me would prefer to wait it out until AFTER they release the firmware fixes. That is exactly what I did before buying my 109. All of the horror stories prior to the V1.40 firmware made me hesitant to buy one. After they released the 109, I got one and couldn’t be happier with it. That being said somebody has to test these suckers out and let the rest of us know what is going on.