Another sucky thing about the PX-716A!

It does not appear to have Mount Rainier capability for either DVD+RW or CD-RW. I believe both the PX-708 and PX-712 have Mount Rainier capabilities.

716 fw 1.00 has mt rainiier but 1.01, 2 , 3 does not, I have no clue why they removed it.

does anybody actually use mt rainier?

When I first heard of the technology I thought it would be a useful feature but without native support in the Operating System, Mount Rainier is pretty useless. The whole idea of Mount Rainier was that you could use RW media without needing additional software. Until this is the case I personally have no use for it. I don’t really like to use software like InCD.

I tried to use Mt. Rainier but InCD is too buggy and never worked correctly in any of my comps. I tried various versions. I had to reboot more often then ever before g!

As you can see freom the Plex homepage they don’t advertise the drive to be compatible with Mt. Rainier as they did with 712.

I have been using Mt. Rainier with my LiteOn CD-RW for about a year and really like the quick formatting. I was looking forward to being able to do the same with DVD+RW. The only problems I’ve ever encountered with InCD is when trying to abort a write. InCD doesn’t like to be aborted.

MS Windows Longhorn is coming in 2005, and it will be using Mount Rainier–so we should see more and more drives supporting it. My guess is that Plextor, running an early version of Longhorn, discovered a problem. Since writing quality issues are more important, they disabled it for the time being to concentrate on the important stuff. Perhaps it will return in a later firmware. Of course, this is just a guess, but plausible.

Sounds plausible.