Another subtitle problem



I have searched here and several other places and cannot find an answer to this problem. It has to do with forced subtitles and getting them to play. Here is what I do:

MCE2005 Rollup 2

Sample DVD is The DaVinci Code

AnyDvd remove encryption
DVDShrink Rip Main Stream and Subtitle Stream

Use MyMovies to launch the directory

If I launch to TheaterTek then the forced subs show up correctly.
If I launch to the internal dvd viewer then subs always show up.

If I use another dvd that does not have forced subs, TheaterTek Does not show the subs and the internal viewer always shows them.

I have gone through all the options in MCE to disable DVD subs and closed captioning but it did not get rid of the subs.

I used pgc edit and edited the ifo file for force subs off, no help.

I suspicioned the MyMovies is launching all the VOBS as a play list to the internal player and so its not getting any instructions from the ifo files. So I copied the dvd folder to the my videos folder on the MCE box and launched it directly same result from the internal player.

I am missing something here or does the MCE player always play subs if present?

Any help appreciated.