Another stupid photoshop?

This answer has to be simple, but I can’t figure it out.

I am adding a picture to another picture in Photoshop. Each picture in a layer. Picture 1 is of a group of people. Picture 2 is of a single person. I want to combine the 2 pictures to make it look like all of the people were together at the same time. The person in picture 2 is too small. I need the picture to be bigger.

In other programs, I can just put a box around the picture and drag the corner to make it bigger.

How would I do this in photo shop? I am using CS3 but I don’t think the version matters.

with the layer you want to resize selected use control+t (PC) or cmd+t (MAC) which will bring up the familiar resize box, then once you are done resizing hit enter to commit or esc to cancel the changes :slight_smile:

just remember that if you enlarge too much you will loose a lot of quality

EDIT: oh, also holding shift while resizing will constrain proportions :wink:


thats it