Another spy: Imesh

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THE W@RRIOR annouces us that Imesh is just another program spying on you. It’s a pretty mean one:

Users of Imesh, watch out!
If you install Imesh, the installer will install spyware in the…

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This is really old news. Ever since version 2 was released iMesh has been using Radiate (I think) advertising (this is the spyware, NOT iMesh). Don’t worry you can block it using SpyBlocker which has been mentioned at CDFreaks recently. Also you can remove the spyware under Add/Remove programs in Control Panel.

Whatever the case may be per program - I do not like this spy sh*t - it is really wrong - the whole internet thing is changing fast & getting corporate - it’s disgusting - we, as Cd Freaks, really need to bond together - it is communities like ours that keep the internet real…

When installing Flashget, Radiate was also installed on my pc. Does that mean that Flashget is also spywware?

Yep… I got it also by installing Flashget…

What about BearShare? Is it spyware too?

Yes it is : “This program is sponsored by SaveNow and and will install additional software on your computer, which can be removed without influencing the functionality of BearShare.” Go figure… Is there something that’s not spyware?

right-on stvastva:7

always check this page before installing

He computer idee is a very good magazine to read they noticed in there last issue that there is a new writer program out that can copy cds incl there protection its called clone cd :4 That magazine is so cool hahahahaha

I have come to suspect that soeone is spying on my hotmail messages. oes anyone know how I can protect myself, detect and remove any possible spyware. Also has anyone experience with spyware installed via e-mail attachments? cheers Jan