Another SOS on Subtitles

Quite sure this post has been ask a million times because I’ve read them all and still am having trouble with the ever dreaded “Subtitles”. I can’t quite understand what I am doing wrong but hopefully someone will feel my pain, and help. For that I thank you ahead of time.

I have DVDFab 9.1.3 & I rip movies on a regular basis and store them as MP4. Using other freeware it was hit or miss if I would ever capture the Forced Subtitles. One of the problems is that I don’t always know if a movie has a subtitle or not until I watch the movie. I am trying to find the right combination of check boxes and languages so I can do this on each rip of every movie. So if it has a subtitle I catch it and if not, well it does not matter the movie is in English.

So with that; my test vehicle is the Movie Babel, I’ve ripped it 10 different ways using DVDFab 9 and have never been able to capture just the Subtitles. I’ve checked every rip using VLC or Windows Media and no subtitles. I’ve checked all the “Forced Subtitle Boxes” and at a loss. I’ve even tinkered with the setting on VLC with no luck.

Can someone tell me the best way that I can be assured I capture the Subtitles using DVDFab9.
Another note, I am using WD TV Live as my final viewing item so if I need to do something other than MP4 that’s okay.


Remember that there are two places in v9 to set the Display Only Forced option, in the sub stream selector dropdown and in Settings->Conversion->Convert (the top box, “Always…”. If the translation subs are not forced (like the ones in Thor: Dark World) then you will get zero sub output in Ripper. Make sure the switch for it in Settings is turned off (UNchecked), then you can control it from one spot for each title as you select the sub stream you want. I do not currently have the disc you are working with but will try to get it and test. Is it DVD or BD?

Thanks I will look at your suggestions. The DVD ls Standard (NOT Blue Ray)


Update: I have located a copy and should have it soon.

[QUOTE=signals;2722041]Update: I have located a copy and should have it soon.[/QUOTE]

Thank looking forward to seeing your suggestions, I still am having problems

This disc is unusually authored, I guess due to the way the director uses the different languages in the film. There are forced subs for English and French but not for the Spanish subs. To make a conversion that duplicates the theatrical exhibition in a US theater, select the bottom English sub stream [B]only[/B] and under Advanced Settings, choose Direct Render to Video from the bottom dropdown. You can also select Display Only Forced, but it is not actually necessary here since all the forced start translations to English are alone in the bottom sub stream. Tested with v9.1.3.3 and the R1 retail disc.

I guess then the disk being unusually authored means I’m was not completely confused.
I really appreciate you going the extra step and find that specific DVD as well. I will try all you suggest. I will post shortly how it goes.

signals - i just finished ripping Babel with your suggestions, and boom! Worked!
One more question if I can ask, can I use this suggested settings as my default for ALL my DVD rips using DVDFab? There are movies that I do not know if they have subtitles. By using this settings I should capture subtitles on movie?

Thanks again@

You are welcome glad it worked. The reason you can’t always use the same settings is why subtitles on DVDs are so much fun to work with to me: they are almost never done the same way on the next disc. There are many posssible methods to make subs appear when playing a DVD and there is not really even a trend you can spot in the way they choose to do it, no rhyme or reason. In many cases, selecting the top English stream and selecting Display Only Forced will work, but as you have seen here, it was not the case for this one.

If you would like to learn more about it, download the free tool DVDSubEdit. It will identify and display the forced subs, make them unforced or even change unforced into forced. Not to mention changing the color, transparency, timing and position of the subs on the screen. There are excellent guides for DVDSubEdit on other forums, and there may be some here in another section of MyCE. I start with a Full Disc copy to my HDD with DVDFab, but you can also use it with Passkey if you just want to look, not modify.

Found the disc for $5 from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. Added to my “odd subs” collection along with DaVinci Code, Apocalypto, Avatar and many, many films with non-English audio with English subs.