Another skin for CDFreaks forum software?

I don’t actually know how difficult / complicated it is too install different skins to this kind of forum software, so that registered users can decide which one to use. I would really like to change as I find this one quite complex. I don’t like to read the thread list with this skin, although the thread / post view is quite good.
Just a suggestion :bow:

This is the customized CD Freaks skin that fits in the current profile/corporate image.

As a result I don’t think we will change this skin anytime soon. Even if we decide to change the current layout, I don’t think we will allow different skins. One external look is important for our brand recognition.

Of course, I thought about that, that’s why I said it could be only changeable for registered users. Well, just a thought though… It’s the content that counts anyways :iagree:

It would probably also be nice for people with eye problems. Besides what Da_Taxman noticed (we really like everyone to recognize the current colours and style being our forum) we are also not going to make any changes because we’re going make some big ones within hopefully two months…But that will be a ‘suprise’ and is not limited to an upgrade of the current version of Vbulletin we run.