Another SafeDisc 2 theory

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On our forum I found another posting on the SafeDisc 2 issue. This posting is a complicated technical story with thoughts of several people, and contains theories that might contains the real…

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Macrovision must be loving this. Their protection is doing a f*cking good job. Sure we can bypass it, but the protection itself is holding up really well and causing us ALL a lot of problems. If the chipset is truely the cause of the problems then I wonder if Plextor is going to bother to deal with the situation and change over to an obviously better chipset for their products.

Copying a crackfile takes all of 10 seconds.

Bahh … great theorie ! :r Why isnt the post telling us anything new ? I remember a post about a statement from Plextor saying that their drives arent able to copy SD2 because of Sanyos chipsets. Well I can`t see any real explaination how SD2 works in here too. Im a littlebit disappointed. :c -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

Not all hp 8250 is based on the Sanyo chipset! I have one that aren’t. see this site:

Sorry, the other way around. Not all are based on Phillips, but on Sanyo.

instead of burning lots of coasters with non-working sd2 :frowning: u should try out r!sc’s safedisc v2 dumper&rebuilder:7. for the ones who dont know r!sc: he is the author of unsafedisc :d. look for this proggie @ gamefix :stuck_out_tongue:

:)this is why i love my £85 teac 4x4x32 SAFEDISC2 COMPATIBLE writer sooooo much and would NEVER sell it, i have a 12x10x32 plextor also !:slight_smile:

… never heard of a “theory” that software can do more than hardware “really” can :r Well, all Macrovision did is a “little” change in some PIT’s & LAND’s; …e.g. lets say we have a “standard” (unprotected) sector it looks like “oIoIoooI” while Macrovision somehow successfully changed it to “oooooooooooooooo” !!! and that’s the point where the most’s recorder’s weak point is… they just correct it and make the copy “worthless”!

Yea, this SD2 stuff is getting very old…There is a list of drives that can copy SD2 software and its located in the help file for CLONECD. All the drives that can copy SD2 have this one feature that the others don’t… Go look and see for yourself. As for me, I have an ACER 1208a that has hardware BURNPROOF Technology and a Plextor 1210a. An unbeatable combination that totally dominates any protection hands down. If you are smart, you would go and spend $115 on this ACER 1208a then you won’t worry about it anymore. SD2 is officially dead at my house :slight_smile:

RICOH uses their own chipset, NOT Sanyo’s!! They use Justlink/Justspeed instead of Burnproof…

I can’t stand SD2. I recently bought a Plextor 16/10/40. And of course Plextor decided not to support SD2 in there Firmware. Now IU have to use my old Teac 6x to record SD2. :frowning:

Does the Plextor PX-R820t use the Sanyo chipset? And if so, why can it make perfect copies that work on all drives, including SD2?

Well, Plextor’s 820t was delivered, as much as I know, in two versions - the first wasn’t able to copy SD2 protected CD’s the second release (built from May99!) is said to be able to. I got 5 of that drives here and definately none of them can handle SD2 - they were built before MAY99!

Hi! I have mitsumi 4804TE and some dudes make working copys of SD2 but My burner can’t… Is here anyone how know about this?

PX-R820T manifactured after feb '99 that came with firmware 1.03 or better can make 1:1 SD2 copy-protected CD that will works in any (almost) CD-ROM :4 . PX-R820L manifactured before, can’t do this and a lot of other things :r . Both have a Sanyo chipset!

Anyone heard of new phillips recorders…?? I personally think that the companys are set under pressure by macrovision which doesnt allow to produce sd2 compatible recorders, because if i would have my own hardware company then i would produce a great combo drive with all needed functions for recording. Anyway, my old phillips does this sd2 stuff.