Another reason to love svp



Many of us would like to save a little now and then so i was (as often) browsing svp’s pages and saw this nice dessription for some crap media :clap:

SVP -> Perfect for short term storage and back up of non-crucial data, Mirror DVDR are value for money products that will appeal to customers who want to pay a minimum. ADVDInfo: MCC 003

Review by David Myatt from Stoke On Trent on 22/07/2006 20:07:23 Rating: 1/10 Be Warned! Bought to you by Infosmart - The worst discs available - Get yours today!!! Seriously, the discs dont use an MCC dye, they use an infosmart dye and use the MCC code for “compatability”. The code doesnt make this a quality disc though. And SVP: Dont try and tell me that these discs are made using MCC stampers - They arent! Infosmart even faked the Verbatim brand. (the same serials were used on Hyundai infosmart media and the Fake Verbatim media). Poor quality manufacturing, a fake MID code and a poorly stamped dye all add up to a terrible disc. Fake Verbatim story: Discussion on this story at cdfreaks here:


Before acclaiming how media is described by SVP and how users rate the blanks, take a look at the description page of any disc with a Ritek G05 MID… :wink: LOL

Not that this would stop me from being a very happy SVP customer :cool:, just that I find this funny. Or upsetting. Matter of point of view… :bigsmile:


Yeah, they’re a little behind there :wink:


Demand determines supply. :slight_smile:
Quite a few people are still cheap enough to buy RITEK G05 or Hong Kong “MCC”, and if the profit is high, then it will be sold.


Yea, it would be impossible for any online media shop to survive without selling Enet brands, riteks etc.


I love SVP because of their service. You never know, one day you may need cheaper media anyway :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Yea, it would be impossible for any online media shop to survive without selling Enet brands, riteks etc.[/QUOTE]Not any media shop. I would say “any online media shop for consumers”.
Special purpose media shops don’t need to sell E-net or Ritek. At least I’m sure that this shop won’t. :bigsmile:


I do. :iagree:

For professional reasons, I burn lots of Datasafe-branded printable CMCMAG E01s. As these discs are extremely (I should say [I]hugely[/I] :bigsmile: ) variable in quality, I wouldn’t buy them from any other online shop, because I know that if the coaster rate gets too high, SVP will be OK to replace or refund the discs, with a smile and no questions.

That’s what I like the most with SVP, helping me having peace of mind. :cool:


I do too , but apart from being non-European myself and have aceess to US market for media , alot of time I can get Sony T02 or Verbatim MCC004 for cheaper than DAXON AZ2 and way cheaper than CMC MAG E01 from here in Egypt :bigsmile:


Well that would be me who wrote that quote in your first post. Not my name though, its my dads. LOL