Another reason NOT to do Meth!

Just found this. :eek: :eek: :eek:

That guy has bigger problems than nails in the head , not much solid matter between the ears , no wonder the nails didn’t do any damage …

“Surgeons removed the nails with needle-nosed pliers and a drill”

Aren’t there any fancy-schmancy doctor tools for nail removal?

LMAO You would think so :bigsmile: Anyway Missouri where i live here is the #1 state for meth labs arrests and we’re definantly not proud of it. :a Would like to be #50 on the state list ASAP To much of that crap being made/sold here.

… what happened to good old overdosing?

Evolution at work? Druggies have evolved to the point where they’re unable to pull the trigger on themselves anymore?

He did pull the trigger! Just used the wrong type of gun. I imagine his real gun is in the pawnshop or he traded it for Meth.

lol i wouldnt have image he would have got anything then

drug user: Give me some meth
Drug dealer: You dont have any money
drug user: Here take my glock
Drug dealer: ok
Drug user: now give me the meth
drug dealer: no, give me your wallet :smiley:

Heh…I smoke pot and I drink…Some of my friends also smoke cigs, drop E, and do shrooms.

Of those 5, I’d say cigs are the worst (with E fairly close) but nowhere near as bad as meth.

Obviously, pot, less dangerous than caffeine, is fine.

I wouldnt use that guy to do repairs at home for sure

lmao so lets recap he shot nails in head with a nail gun…and the first one didn’t make him say…wait this hurts…but …only after 12 he then said oh i have a headache…lmao gotta love that :iagree:

oh yeah…with spring here you might wanna check this out

Maybe i am mistaken but from what i read he went on to complain about the headaches one year after the day he went and gunned those nails in his skull.

He probably forgot all about it :slight_smile: