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Just curious. Does it really make much of a difference if you have more than 1 CD burning program installed on your system? The user manuals all say that it can be bad but I find it a bit hard to believe. Any comments will be appreciated.


In my own opinion i say it’s bad, but other people will say it’s bullshit.

ahead [nero] claims they have written a program that will not work with any other burning software especially adaptec [easy cd creater].

there are on the i-net menu’s [batch files] that make it possible to have several burning software installed on your system.

so it’s up to you,



Ruff’s write (i speak the burner language ehhe), Nero Burner & Adaptec do not get along very well.

But hell who cares, i’m runnin Fireburner, Clonecd & Cdrwin and they do :slight_smile:

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I agree, but when i used an older vers. of adaptec with nero, they both worked fine, but the new vers. doesnt work with nero, and thats if these are the softwarez, your speaking about.

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Adaptec sucks, but I use Nero, CDRWIN, discjuggler, CloneCD and my plextools.
No problem at all, with those proggies, so what else do you need, with this one can do anything.



i uses only Nero and have no reason to use any other, if somebody can tell me why i should use other beside Nero, place let me know, mayby i can use it then too



Well, if your writer is supported by CloneCD you should use this program, because you can make perfectly working backups of your protected cd’s without having to use irritating cracks, which sometimes don’t work.



Yes. You can have more than one Burning proggy installed, as long as one of those proggy’s does not go and change your ASPI layer, or IDE/SCSI drivers upon install ie/CDRWin. also if using Win98/95 do not let any of these proggy’s load onto your sys tray ie/ adaptec easy cd creator 4.01. I can see the need. I haven’t found a single proggy that could fill all my burnning needs.(Some of us do more with our writers than copy CD’s)


i have several progs installed on my system right now, and they all work fine together. the big mistake that people make is a combo of adaptec and ________(insert any program name here). i would never reccomend using adaptec software, unless you are so much of a newbie that you cant use nero. (because nero is essentially the same interface as ezcd, but just much better all-around.)


I use nero, cdrwin, clonecd, feurio and the old version of adaptec easy cd v3. Dont use v4. It works just fine. (I only use easy cd for audio)

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i have nero cdrwin & replicator they all work great with no conflics…


Here’s the story:

If a lot of bullsh*t!! I have Nero, CDRWIN and CloneCD!

They all work fine…the only question you may ask yourself is: Why three programs? The answer: you don’t need them, if one works fine…stick to that!


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Another bullshit story is “stick to one program”

If one program failes the other takes over, thats why people use several programs.

But it lookes if your not a frequent burner, otherwise you would not have given such an answer.


i have 4 different burn programms and no problems.
it works


I don’t understand what the problem is with
Nero and Adaptec ?

I use Nero and Adaptec 4 and it works just fine

I also use CDRwin.

no problems with em neither.


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