Another question

Well I took everyones advise on how to copy a dvd but I just relized my F drive was broken so I can’t burn movies. Is there anyway to do it on a mac. If so please give me a detailed solution. Free please.

I’m afraid you are not givig us enough details, particularly what this ‘F’ drive is (burner, hard disk etc), so there’s no way we can give you “detailed” solutions.

MacTheRipper is good for making backups of discs.

Yeah I know what the problem is, my HP has two drives the E drive and the F drive, and I think that you have to burn dvds with the F drive and mine is actually ripped out of the computer like there is nothing left of it. I don’t ever remember it happening which is weird. Anyway though, themacripper thing does that decrypt and shrink?

I don’t know but it’s free, so why don’t you download it and try? :wink:

Ok thanks for the program it works! But I was wondering if anyone knew of a good DVD shrinker that will work for mac.

Yes there is one called POPCORN. A friend of mine has for his MAC but it not free.

Anyone else know a free one? There has to be one somewhere.

No free shrinker for Macs, Popcorn and Toast are available but you have to buy them.

OK talked to my friend he said there is a free program that converts from dvd to mpeg4 called HANDBRAKE. Also another free program and it is found here this one compreses so it fits to a dvd5 disc.

Handbrake and ffmpegX don’t shrink, they CONVERT the DVD files. Yes you will end up with smaller files but they are not… give them a try and you’ll see.
and by the way, ffmpegX (which is an excellent program) is not free, it’s shareware

camellote I said handbrake converts dvd files to mpeg4 files, I not say it shrinks. But you are right ffmpegx is not free, you need to register to be able to compress a dvd to 4gb. The cost to register is $15 via paypal. ffmpegx compresses a non-encrypted dvd to 4gb without reencoding it, as it says on the website.

Ok i might use FFmpegx is that the best one out there for that price. I just want to make sure im making a good investment.

It the cheapest out there. If you want to make a good invsestment then get popcorn or toast like camellote said. ffmpegx does no reauthoring all it does is the basic shrink the main title to fit dvd5. But a better one for only $5 more is shrinky-dvd-ink it does everything that dvdshrink does.

tyler1234 if you want to use the free applications/programs for windows you can purchase crossover mac made by codeweavers. With this you can use dvdshrink and other programs but it not free it costs $. check it out and see if you want. I plan to purchase a MAc in about 3 months but I look into what I can use before I purchase. This looks really good and you might like it also it something like wine but without the need to run the windows os

Thanks everyone I decided to go with popcorn but saw that there is not a dvd decrypter so i am guessing I should use mactheripper for that.