Another question on discoloration on freshly burned DVD's

i’ve noticed that some freshly burned DVD’s, that reaches full or almost full capacity, make strange rings on surface. For example, from begining 2-3 cm is a darker color, and from that point to the end it’s normal burn color. But testing shows no errors, and media behaves OK.
That happens on 25,50,100pcs case Verbatim media, standard Verbatim box media, and memorex box media. <-----I’m using those
Why is that happening.

The only thing I can think of is that your drive is using Zones when burning as most drives do.

at 8x the drive will start at 6x so the first 1.5-2CM on the disc will be a certain colour, then it will speed up to 8x and because the speed is higher the colour will look different on the burned disc.

Some drives burn @12x with P-Cav so it just gradually speeds up to 12x starting at about 7x. My pioneer does this and I can’t see any rings of different colour. Some will go through a few zones, starting at 6, then 8 then gets up to 12x about half way through the disc - When it does this you will see different coloured rings.

Hope I didnt make any of that sound confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

Also my suspicion. There’s certainly nothing “wrong” with this; it is part of the drive’s normal operation.

Basically the data at different locations was written with the disc spinning at different angular velocities.