Another question about reading multiple CDs

All right,
here is the job I was assigned, and I am trying to find the fastest and more efficient way to do this.

I have to backup on an usb 2x1.5Tb about 2,000 700MB cds, there should be plenty of room for this project on the 2 1.5TB drives.

Now each CD has a different content, so the question is, how can I backup all these cds the fastest?

I thought of setting up about 5 computers I have and do 1 cd at the time, each CD copies at about 2:20 minutes, so it would take me about 14 to 15 hours to burn 2000 cds into iso images to a Hard drive.

Is there any other way that you may think of doing this?
I did not really know where to post the question by the way.

No computers with multiple cd/dvd players? You could start the program as much times as you have players on one computer. Gives a small performance drop, but could save a lot of time.

I recommend also to test all your iso files before ditching the originals.

Got it, will try to install at least 2 players on each machine. That should reduce the time.