Another question about DVD Fab Gold



I have DVD Fab Gold installed on my system I plan to buy the software soon.
I also have nero and DVD Shrink installed on my system as well.
My question is do I need Nero and DVD Shrink for DVD Fab to work?
I dont think I do.
I plan to uninstall Nero and DVD Shrink soon.
Sorry for so many question.
Thanks Guys :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


FAB will do it all for you :smiley:


I have kept them both and would suggest that you do the same. They both have their uses.:slight_smile:


Thanks as always guys…


There’s nothing wrong with a bigger tool box.!


I would keep them as well, you’ll need shrinks re-author mode eventually…


I have Platinum and use the Merge Mode (equiv. to Re-Author) mostly now, but keep Shrink for the great preview screen and for some backups that need the two-pass compression.


Yeah, like most guys anyway, the more stuff I can fit in my toolbox, the happier I am. Nero still has its uses although I use it rarely these days and shrink is like an old friend that I don’t see much of…I’m keeping it, that’s for sure. I have never heard of it creating conflicts of any kind. No good reason to dump it.