Another PX-716SA drive

I now have my fourth PX-716SA drive. It has not been installed yet! It is a TLA #0305 March 2005 drive, like the last drive, but about 1000 or so drives newer (according to the serial #). This new drive has another difference from my other drives in its packaging. Once again, the difference is in the Plextor accessories box. This drive has the manual (the older October 2004 manual), but doesn’t include an MCC004 Verbatim 16X DVD+R disc. Instead, this drive has something cooler: a Plextor branded 8X DVD+R YUDEN T02 disc. Very cool–a genuine TY DVD+R 8X disc in a standard (thick) jewel case. It looks much nicer (to my eyes) than the Fuji branded YUDEN T02 8X DVD+R discs. I wonder if Plextor has figured out that the TYT02 media is better than the MCC004 media, despite its lower rated speed? It was probably because the factory was out of MCC004 that week when this drive was packaged. I hope this drive is a winner–I will install it tomorrow.

A picture of that Plextor branded TY disc is located at:

Also see this URL on the Plextor Europe website:

After reading that, you’d think it is the best grade of TYT02 in existance. I doubt it is any different than the Fuji TYT02. We shall see how it does compared to Fuji TYT02. My experience indicates that Plextor branded media is not available in the USA–not that it is likely that the Plextor branded TY can beat Fuji branded TY. It just looks cooler! :slight_smile:

Your Plextor TY02, is it gold top? If yes, it’s Grade A++. :slight_smile:

It is definitely gold top–it looks exactly like the disc pictured at the first URL above. I know the scratch resistance gold top surface make it better than Fuji TY DVD+R, but does it burn better? You seem to know something about this media zevia–by saying grade A++ you infer that it truly is better than other (i.e. Fuji) TYT02 media. Is the better quality just in the top of the disc (that the drive doesn’t burn), or should I expect this media to impress me more than my usual Fuji TYT02? If these discs were sold in the USA, I would buy them, no question about it.

the discs are available in the US and Plextor branded TY is the best you can get (they get first crack at TY media due to their corporate/R&D relationship).

The Plextor Taiyo Yuden discs are excellent but so are my Fuji branded Taiyo Yuden discs. I have both here and both discs will yield PIE below 10 and PIF below 3. But, I generally stick to what the media is rated at. If the discs say 8X, I burn them at 8X even though I know 16X is possible with these Taiyo Yuden discs.

Like Gamefreak and drpino said, the Plextor TYs are excellent. I’ve burned only about 3 of them from my limited samples. They are very expensive here in the US, USD15 for 5pack:

I know a place where you can buy those DVDs at 2,20€ each!!!
Just too much for a DVD :frowning: