Another program than ConvertXtoDVD 2?

So yeah… Another program than ConvertXtoDVD 2?, because i dont want to pay for the whole thing, and this program says it will put a watermark in the video, so basically im staring at a tv which says ConvertX…

You could always try DVD2SVCD .
It does actually do AVI to DVD conversion as well and it’s free.

The only downside is that it’s a lot more “technical” than ConvertXtoDVD but the result is a lot better.

Ok, thanks for the reply…

I got the avi files to VOB files, like the files i see and use when copying a dvd with dvdshrink. But when i enter dvdshrink, --> open files, then select the folder which is videots that contains all my dvd files, dvdshrink gives me this error: Dvd shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Invalid data, --then the directory of videots–

If anyone knows a problem please tell me.

Also, i want to put some avi’s on my psp, except i only have a 256mb memory stick, so is there a program that shrinks the video size because they are like 150mb each.

if the combined vob files arte less than 4.3 gig then you can burn them straight onto a dvd.
As to your PSP, there miht be a setting hidden somwhere to change the resolution, otherwise I’m not too sure.

Thanks petera, i just burned the vob files to dvd with nero, and nero kept on saying: “non critical warining, are you sure you want to burn with these mistakes” - or something like that like 5 times, but in the end i tested it and it works great. Thanks again!

no probs :slight_smile:

is there a free software like copy2dvd???

[QUOTE=im_terrible;2283797]is there a free software like copy2dvd???[/QUOTE]

To burn DVDs there is IMGBurn… to burn CDs you can use WMP 11