Another Poll....: Rounded Cable usage on BenQ



heres a article n rounded cables…believe it or not up to you…

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Actual Article

like i always preach …dun use rounded cables…its lousy…

mess up a bit on poll…

*“no more” also implies you use flat cables…
*"Yes…i can live with errors and problems with rounded cables " also implies you dun believe in that article…


Very interesting read…all my cables are ribbon and works well.No point in trying to fix something that’s not broken.


I used to use round cables but I noticed marked improvements using a standard ribbon cable so switched back to ribbon cables for both the hard drives and the dvd-burners. I didn’t like it nor trust the round cables after I saw one of the connectors come apart in my hand (connector was able to be snapped back together again) so I’m back on ribbon cables since they seem more reliable in general.


As stated previously, the only rounded cable I’d use is the IOSS Gladiator series.


So which is better ribbon IDE or SATA connection (given when BenQ comes out with one)?


Well, I haven’t run into a problem yet, although my “rounded” cables are just bound (wrapped).

On a side note, I noticed that bound/wrapped scsi ribbon cables is definitely a no-no, as my Jaz drive wasn’t recognized when I tried that. :-o

As far as SATA, I’ve heard that you can get equal, to improved transfer speeds on IDE drives on SATA ports by using an IDE to SATA adapter. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking to get some.


i’ve been using rounded noname ide cables for years now, never had a problem with any of my ide devices…



Quote AndyMutz: “i’ve been using rounded noname ide cables for years now, never had a problem with any of my ide devices…”

That goes for me too…




I am very happy with my rounded cables! So I can’t choose any option in your poll cause I don’t have any error or problem !


Tried both,so far no difference in scans.


I have been using Vantec sheilded round cables for a few years. and currently I have sata drives so my BenQ is on a 10" vantec round cable as primary master and my aopen 1648\AAP and Plexwriter premium are on the secondary IDE on an 18" vantec round cable I have never had any problems.


I guess I’ll keep using rounded cables till there is a problem, then I’ll get the flat ones and have a Japanese paper folder do his magic with the looks of the nasty looking things. Of course I could just paint the plexiglass side panel black and not worry with the looks. :eek: :bigsmile:


I think the key is the 18in vs 24in…24in cables are out of spec for ATA66/ATA100
I have tried both and see no difference

Braxas what improvements did you see with flat cables vs rounded…have you done a burn with flat vs rounded to see if the disc has more errors or burns faster???


I have both rounded and flat. So far no problems. Have you heard anything about SATA or USB 2.0 technical problems or restrictions?

My BenQ is on an 18" ribbon by itself with 120 SATA boot drive and 200 USB 2.0 external.


My BenQ and Lite-On are both on 1 24" rounded cable (Galaxy). No issues at all.


@nealh: The difference I saw was a lot lower PIE’s and PIF’s on various media types - especially noticeable on the BenQ for some reason. Now, I did have the 24 inch variety round cables and did not realize these were ‘out of spec’ so that most likely was the problem - plus they didn’t feel like they were built very well as far as how the construction, they were an off-brand of some sort. So if everyone else is using 18 inch round cables with no problems it could very well be that the 24 inchers just aren’t that recommended.


I use Vantec rounds for everything, and so far…absolutely no problems, keep getting constan 97+ % scan quality with my Benq.


thanks for the info


Interesting. I just bought Benq and i use long round cable for it. I havent yet burned any discs but keep this cable issue in mind when i do.


elewhm, this is good information. I have read similar things before, and I have resolved to limit my cables to 18 inches where at all possible and to buy higher quality cables when I must exceed 18 inches.

However, if you are going to put up a poll, why don’t you put in a reasonable range of answers? I have seen you do this before, and assumed that you were just joking. However, the joke is getting old.