Another "please help me choose a burner" thread

First a quik hello. I finally joined the forums after…hmmm…I dont know how many years!!!

Please go here to see what is available to me at a local store:

I have the LG 4160 ( i think) any way its a piece of junk. shitty burns and jerky video near the end of movies, yet my sister with the same media has good burns. She has a Toshiba. but which one of these would be good for compatibility with my cheap media. (Ya I know the cheap stuff will cause me grief, but I use them for quik and short backups, not longterm) Of course not so cheap since my sisters works.

Please dont say the plexter either, i want one of the more inexpensive models

NEC, Pioneer, LG, BenQ. I that order.

Nec is one of your beter all around dvd burners.