Another Platinum gobble-de-gook Burn

It’s happened before. I complained about it in this post:

Platinum v3.0.3.8 and Da Vinci Code SE (R1) -

Anyone is welcome to read the other Post, but this time I have a DL Disc that only IsoBuster can read that ripped just fine with Platinum v3.0.4.0. The Disc Mounts but is “blank” to the File System.

With every “New” feature added to this Application, something very basic, and, very important has BROKEN! And, with every fix, something else,very basic, and very important seems to get broken.

I can tell by the recent change in tone of this Forum, that many of us, especially the ones that rip a lot, are reaching the end of our patience.

Fengtao, your current and future Customer base would be best served if you’d forget about new features for a time and concentrate on stabilizing the “Core” features! It also seems that you need to spend some time developing adequate regression testing methods for v3, as, lately, you seem to introduce more BUGS than you fix.

BTW: Although I’ll just burn “Superman Returns” again (hey-time and money mean nothing to me!), IsoBuster found the following “Files found via their signature:”

Recovered File 01.VOB 288 182.00 KB 186,368
Recovered File 02.VIDEO_TS.IFO 379 8.00 KB 8,192
Recovered File 03.VIDEO_TS.IFO 384 8.00 KB 8,192
Recovered File 04.VTS_xx_0.IFO 401 100.00 KB 102,400
Recovered File 05.VOB 451 951.41 MB 997,625,856
Recovered File 06.VOB 487573 951.41 MB 997,625,856
Recovered File 07.VOB 974695 951.41 MB 997,625,856
Recovered File 08.VOB 1461817 951.41 MB 997,625,856
Recovered File 09.VOB 1948939 951.41 MB 997,625,856
Recovered File 10.VOB 2436061 951.41 MB 997,625,856
Recovered File 11.VOB 2923183 951.41 MB 997,625,856
Recovered File 12.VOB 3410305 951.40 MB 997,611,520
Recovered File 13.VTS_xx_0.IFO 3897420 100.00 KB 102,400


If I read this right, you burned a DL disc and it is seen as a blank except by isobuster. What brand of DL disc is that? I have burned some Ritek DL discs with other programs, not DVDFab, that are really screwed up. I believe the quality of the Riteks is just really bad. Just wondering what brand of disc you are using.

I am not sure I agree with your comments on this product. Yes, there have been glitches as there are in all the software I use but, overall, the product and it’s improvements have been great!!


I’m not saying that it’s NOT great…I’m saying that it’s not CONSISTANT. Not with the Released Versions, and not with the Betas.

So, when the Application behaves unpredictably, things like this Post happen. Ironically, in a previous Post about another issue refering to my DL Media, Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM 001 00)…“And, they can’t all be bad.”

Well, in an attempt to be "correct’ in addressing STRACHN’s question…I found out that, maybe, they CAN ALL BE BAD!

I’m on my second stack purchased at different times. So far I have a dozen “unreadable” burns that didn’t throw an Error of any kind, and 1 that failed burning with an “Error reserving zone for burn” with UltraIso. Most of the burns won’t even Mount in a non-burner Drive.

If I Mount the ISO, the Movie plays fine in PowerDVD, and, so far I did get 2 Readable burns that plays fine in PowerDVD also. However, on all of these Discs, I can see a burn “zone” just off the “Inner” rim, even on the Readable Discs, which I wouldn’t see if there wasn’t a burn problem of some kind as it’s 6X CLV for this Media in my burner. This inner burn zone isn’t visable in any of the older DL burns that, of course have no problems.

After the denial phase passed there are some common threads. With the same ISO File, I can burn Ritek DVD-R DL without a problem as well as -R and +R TY Media without problems, so I would be surprised if the problem is my burner. All the DVD+R DL Discs I can Read are DVD-ROM Booktype which is set in the burner firmware, and all the bad burns have a Booktype of DVD+R DL…Fascinating!

A “Create Disc” in CDSpeed2000 shows a big dip in the graph from 6X to 4X right at the beginning of the burn, and from 4X to 2X in the subsequent 4X burn that I did.

As much as I don’t like it, my only option seems to be…Buy more Media! Even though I wouldn’t have expected this problem to have “escaped” the Manufacturer’s attention…

DVD backup software is not an exact science as the protection continues to change. Now they even change the protection on the same movies in same region when they run a new batch. What works today may not be stable tomorrow as the big movie companies continue to make it harder for backup software. Its not like a program that does word processing and has a long life for older versions. There will always be a need for updates, not like a few years back when protection was broken the program would function for months to a year or so until the movie companies could find a new protection. I have been reading some books about DVDs and there may soon be encryption that changes each time the DVD is used.