Another pirated Ultra HD Blu-ray movie appears on torrent sites - is it real this time?

The Ultra HD Blu-ray version of the movie the Smurfs 2 has appeared on two private torrent trackers. It’s unclear how the pirates have been able to make the 53.3 GB file that appears to really contain the movie.

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What the movie industry doesn’t understand is that all movie encryption can be broken over time and pirates pirate for the sake of pirating. They don’t actually sit there and watch all these movies they download and upload (their life isn’t that long), but the movie industry just doesn’t get it.

They would actually make more sales if there was no copy protection on online downloads etc. I would purchase so much more via iTunes etc. if that was the case. Currently discs are the only way to get something that will work if the Internet were to die and is higher quality. Digital DRM files won’t work without the Internet and the proper DRM servers working.

It’s the same with music and TBH I purchased way more music in the good old Napster days.

I used to download stuff to see if it was any good then buy the CD if I liked it.

There also was a massive amount of really rare stuff on Napster too that couldn’t be bought anywhere even if you’d wanted to.

I still miss all that. :frowning:

[quote]It’s unclear how the pirates have been able to make the 53.3 GB file that appears to really contain the movie.

It could have been simply leaked by an employee at a facility involved in production of the release or the actual discs as has been the case with many pirate releases for decades. There is no proof of copy protection being broken here.

P.S. I’m personally satisfied with my 352x240 VCD’s, not to mention DVD-Video quality :givesmile:

or Redfox (formerly Slysoft)

Incorrect. Slysoft got SHUT DOWN by antiguan authorities due to MPAA/AACS-LA. Referring to RedFox as “formerly Slysoft” implies Slysoft didn’t get shut down and simply renamed. This is NOT the case. RedFox formed when former slysoft employees banded together with the backing of the user community. Completely different.

Like I said before if you can make it someone will torrent it.

As to RedFox oh well it comes and goes…and heck I got RedFox and love it. Was sad it closed because if Slysoft stopped working it could be a mess for those of us.

Generally, I find that DVDs often have very good quality. Some of my older DVDs are a bit blurry (presumably because the MPEG-2 encoders from way back when aren’t as good as newer encoders), but most of my movies, especially newer releases/re-releases, look quite good.