Another pioneer 112d udma4 thread!

hi all, new to the site-got recommended by someone-nice to be here!
i have read around loads but still cant work out how to change my pioneer dvr112d drive to udma4???
my main hdd’s are sata, then i have only 1 ide on mobo, this has the writer on master and an ide ata133 caddy on slave, the writer reads cds and dvds and write dvds but doesnt write cd’s

i’m ubder the impression it needs to be in udma4, but cannot work out how to do this, in device manager it is just under dvd/cd drives etc, not ide ata/atapi controllers so when i click it it doesnt tell me what its set to or an option to change it

just want to get it on udma4???


@ myhopper,

Welcome to the Forum.

For the Pioneer DVR-112 to function and operate at optimal performance requires that the DVR-112 be properly connected to an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( and operate in the Ultra DMA Mode 4 ( If the required Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( is not used it is impossible to obtain Ultra DMA Mode 4 (

Concerning your Fail To Read/Write CD Media problem it appears possibly that your particular Pioneer DVR-112 Drive has experienced the infamous “Fail To Read/Write CD Media” problem.

Suggest reviewing the below Pioneer Web Link ->


hi, thanx for replying

i have looked at the 1st link and established i have the 80 wire lead-thanx again!

i have already looked at the enabling/checking dm link before and all my settings in there are to dma if available-but still no idea what my writed is set to, or how to set it???