Another Panasonic DMR ES30V no power



Hi everyone,
I’m new to the forums so be gentle with me.

I have a DMR ES30V combi player - UK spec 240 volts - and when l tried turning it on recently there was no power at all.

Read this forum through as much as l could and other internet sights for help and advice.
I took the combi to pieces to check for any obvious faults ie leaking/bulging capacitors, loose contacts etc but everything looked all ok, no visible faults.
Read about the usual suspect capacitors and today finally got round to changing them.
The capacitors l’ve changed for new ones are as follows :-
C9125 680uf 6.3v
C1209 680uf 10v
C1103 68uf 400v
C1204 1500uf 16v

Unfortunately, after putting it all back together its made no difference.
Still no power.
I’m getting 240volts at the inside where the power lead plugs into the back and the internal fuse is ok.
Please has anyone got any advice what to look for next etc, as l would prefer to get it working rather than bin it.
Are there any other capacitors l could change.
Looking at photos on this forum etc, it looks like the UK spec player has one large 400volt capacitor on the main pcb and not two as shown in some photos of American spec machines, if thats any help ?

Thanks for any feedback/help anyone can offer me.
cheers Bob.