Another noob question about encoding

posted 3 days ago wondering if 11 hours was excessive to encode avi to mpeg2 in nero vision, anyway whilst i was waiting i ran across chickenman’s tutorial on avi to dvd. learning alot here. one program suggested was TMPGEnc dvd author 3.0. So read the review and someone said that it took way too long for the authoring test, that obviously the movie was being re-encoded i scroll through different threads i see alot of opinions about programs that re-encode needlessly. my question is, doesn’t the movie have to be re-encoded if the files are bigger than the dvd you are burning onto? in other words, if the file is around 5 to 6 gb and you are burning onto a single layer disk wouldn’t you have to re-encode to make it fit? if the file was only 4 gb i m assuming that you coud author straight to disk with no re-encoding. (by the way, i really like the chicken dance!)

Yes, if the video is too large, you will have to reencode to fit onto a dvd recordable disk. You can target the output for a dvd 9 and burn to a dual layer disk if you don’t want compression, but it has a limit of 8.5 gb or so.

Some people have complained about TMPGenc Author 3 reencoding their divx avi files needlessly, when all they want to do is make a menu for selecting each video. The program will do a limited reencoding to make sure beginnings, transitions and endings are compliant, but sometimes it will reencode entire files for no discernible reason. Even when you start with divx files that are known to be good.

Nero Vision has the reputation for reencoding good mpeg2 files when making a dvd too. One good reason to avoid it. That and their encoding engine is simply not as good as many other choices, like TMPGenc Plus, CCE Basic, MainConcept and Procoder.

If you are converting avi to dvd format, you will always have to reencode, since dvds use mpeg2. 11 hours seems excessive to me. How long was the video? 2 hrs or more? Encoding times vary due to cpu speed for the most part, though some encoders are faster than others. What are the specs on your computer?

If you want another option for converting avi to dvd, you should look at a program called FAVC. Using the HC encoder you should get better quality than using Nero. FAVC is free to use.

If your files are 5-6gb (I’m assuming a dvd here) then sure, they need to be re-encoded down to dvdr size to fit. DVD2SVCD can do that and author it ready to burn. No need for TDA3. If the files are under 4.37gb and dvd compliant, then sure, just re-author them with what ever authoring program you wish. Personally I use TDA3. If your files are AVI’s and regardless of size, they need to be re-encoded to dvd compliant video & audio streams. Many programs can do this, some easy with crappy results (Nero comes to mind here :D), some slowly with excellent results, some in-between. I still use DVD2SVCD because none of the simple to use programs simply cannot produce the same quality as produced by DVDsSVCD with CCE nor provide the versatility of options. Other programs that use CCE or HCenc as the encoder for avi to dvd are The Film Machine, D.I.K.O. and a couple of new ones like AVI2ISO or AVStoDVD are also worth checking out.

Some people dont seam to understand that it is ONLY divx 6.x that supports menus within avi’s/divx files. So they load in divx 3, 4, 5 and even Xvids files and wonder why it re-encodes them :slight_smile:

^^ I learn new stuff around here all the time. I don’t use TMPGenc Author 3, but nice to know what was going on with the program. Also didn’t know about AVStoDVD, but I have more avi to dvd programs than I can keep track of now.

Hope we’ve helped walkingmelody a bit.