Another Newbie 'Which One To Buy' Question



Hi everyone,

First post…and mostly a noob. I’ve been searching and reading my way through a lot of posts on the forums and, while most of it goes right over my head, I have learned a bit.

Looking to switch out the DVD drive that was provided with my box and get a burner. Mostly, I’m going to be backing up my CDs with EAC, then of course some data archiving, and finally a bit of music/video burning . Lightscribe and/or LabelFlash would be something I’d try out, but at this point not a dealbreaker. So really basic stuff all in all.

The choices I have are:

Asus DRW 24B1ST / LT
Sony AD 7260 (can also get 7240)
Pioneer DVR 219 (can also get 218)
Samsung TS H663 (22x or 24x flavors)
Benq DW 240S

For media, so far the “best” (I guess) that I have ready access to is Verbatim branded DVDs (-R and +R) that DiscSpeed reads as YUDEN000T03.8

Looking for anyone’s expert quick pick…y’all are way, way ahead of me so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Verbatim offers DVD media in different quality grades.

The top of the Verbatim line is the DataLifePlus (AZO) series that Verbatim regards as the “highest” quality. The mid-line is the AZO (MCC) series that Verbatim regards as “superior” quality. The bottom of the line (contracted out landfill grade media) is the Life series that Verbatim regards as “good” quality. I use the mid-line AZO series for duplication and computer backups.

I do not use 16x media in my many stand-alone Panasonic, Philips and Magnavox HDD/DVD recorders and DVD recorders. Why is that? I want better quality burns while reducing stress on laser assemblies in these expensive to replace proprietery DVD Drives. That dictates the use of 8x media.

With generic DVD burners fitted to duplicators and computers I use 16x media as it is easy and inexpensive to replace DVD burners with failed laser assemblies.

I prefer to use JVC/Taiyo Yuden 8x Premium Line DVD-R (TYG02) media in my Panasonic, Philips and Magnavox recorders. I also use JVC/Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R (TYG03) media for duplication and computer backups. (In late 2008 Taiyo Yuden bought out the JVC Optical Media operation. More recently Taiyo Yuden media is sold under the dual JVC/Taiyo Yuden branding. JVC no longer produces optical media.)

The first photo shows the original Taiyo Yuden and current JVC/Taiyo Yuden spindle wrapper labels and inserts. The second photo shows a JVC/Taiyo Yuden 8x Premium Line DVD-R at the upper left, a JVC/Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R at the lower left and a Verbatim 16x AZO DVD-R at the lower right. Notice the Verbatim “AZO” logo seen on the spindle insert seen at the upper right.


Concerning your burner choices, I’d concentrate on the Samsung 24x and Sony Optiarc drives for burning dvds. There are threads on those specific models in the CD and DVD Writers forum.

Can’t advise you on the best drive for EAC, since that isn’t something I do.


Thanks for the replies so far; the lesson in burning media is lost on me since I work in China and it’s forever hard to figure out just what exactly you’re buying. But yes, in my first post I was referring to the “mid-line” Verbatim AZO that is pictured above.

As for the burners, the Samsung recommendation is a bit of surprise; actually I couldn’t find anything on that particular drive in the forums. The Sony is more expected, but I also thought I’d get a “Lite-On all the way” type reply.


The model number that you have available is different from the Samsung 24x model we’ve seen in the US. Don’t know if it is the same drive or not, but here is the 24x Sammy thread:

Many people in that thread prefer the SH-S243N over the Optiarcs. If you know for certain that the 24x Samsung in your area is a different drive, disregard my previous recommendation for it.



You say that most of your burns are going to be CD-R’s.

LiteOn’s historically are [B][I]NOT[/I][/B] good CD-R burners - whereas Samsung, Optiarc and Pioneer drives have proven to be good/reliable CD_R burning drives - as well as being good/reliable DVD burning drives-eh.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2553142]The model number that you have available is different from the Samsung 24x model we’ve seen in the US. [/QUOTE]Simply OEM (Samsung TS H663) vs. Retail. I have attempted to decipher the drive name convention some times ago, the results (to be taken with a grain of salt of course) have been written down in the FAQ:wink:

A TS-H663N [I]should [/I]be equivalent to a SH-S243N. It might come with OEM firmware that can behave different from the retail firmware. With some force, the drive can be crossflashed (which then voids warranty of course).



Thanks everyone…the following link should be a pop-up gallery of the Samsung 24x in question:

TS H663D

if that helps. It’s a retail box that should include a copy of Nero 9 Essentials. I’m actually not going to burn many CD-Rs; really just ripping to an external HD for archival purposes. But, hey, if the Sammy is a well-regarded all-rounder, I’ll be happy to grab one.


You might go through this thread here:

That 663D should be equivalent to the SH-S243D.
A 663N/243N is a different drive. Perhaps the only difference is the Lightscribe feature, but I am not sure.



Thanks again for all the info; lots to read up on.

Interesting that in China, the Pioneer drives (219 & 218) are wildly popular. Much more so than the others I listed in my first post. Any thoughts why?

Drives here are priced within $3 of one another…and often price-matched. The Pioneer 219 & Lite-On 524 are the same and a little higher while the Sony 7260, Samsung 663, & Asus 24B3/B1 are the same & little lower.

Not really thinking about the cost here…much more interested in watching the market at work.


Those Pioneer drives are produced in Japan and out there since a while now.


Definitely not made in Japan. Actually, I just figured out why they’re so common at least where I live…the factory is a 2+ hour drive from here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, sorry. I should have posted MIC, means made in CHINA…


Well, I ended up buying the Lite-On 524 as I happened to catch it on a NewEgg (China) Shell Shocker. Waiting now and then it’s off to the Lite-On forums I guess…