(Another) newbie question

Hi all i must say,ive been browsing this board for some time now and i noticed many newbies posting questions that were already answered 1000 times,well get ready for a few more :o

my questions are:
1)I have NEC-ND3500AG 2.16,most of my medias are Silverline RITEKG04 -R 4X,is there a firmware that support higher speed writing with these medias (but preserve the quality)?

2)from what i understand,removing the riplock will cause the drive to become a bit less good on the reading side,is that true?

3)Bitsetting for +RW…is there such a beast?

4)If there is such a firmware that support all my 3 questions from above,what is it? and is it stable?

Last question: i noticed from reading here and there that NEC should release a new official firmware for this drive,ive read that it was suppose to be out on the 10th OCT then on the 18th OCT…still nothing,if they will release a new firmware do you think they will have these cool futures (removing riplock,bitsetting,faster writing speed for RITEKG04 -R)?

Thanks for taking your time to read my post,and sorry again for the repeating questions from us newbies :wink:

  1. Not sure, read this thread.

  2. Not necessarily true. Of course, reading media at higher speeds is more difficult for the drive. If you’re having trouble with a reading a particular disc, you can always read it at a slower speed instead.

  3. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=111774

  4. No

Last question ) NEC has not previously released an official ‘NEC’ firmware (not intended for an OEM rebadger) that has included bitsetting.

Thank you