Another newbie question (mp3 data disc - nero - wont play in mp3 boombox)

Hi all,
I am new here and in general I have some experience and understanding (so i think) about what I am trying to do yet haven’t been able to get it to work.

I have a GPX boombox from target that plays mp3 discs (verified by box and manual) its the reason i bought the thing…

I have nero version and a Cendyne (Pioneer) 105 burner on a win2k machine.

I realize the cdr discs that will play in this unit would need to be created as data mode not audio mode, (I do understand how i can drag mp3 files in audio and make a music cd) I am trying to save the actual mp3 data files in data mode for my mp3 compatible boombox to play.

Here is where I am stuck, I go into nero, choose data disc, go into properties choose non multisession (which should finalize the disc right?) yet when I burn mp3 data (tried it both as straight mp3 files no folders as well as with folders) neither disc seems to work in the player.

I have also tried different media thinking maybe this box doesn’t like TDK media but that too didn’t work, what is really weird is in NERO if I check the created disc (which I have even had nero verify the files on) it shows as an open session, I choose close session, it takes a few seconds the burn light flickers yet when I refresh and recheck the disc it still shows as OPEN session.

And when I try to use my computer to just explore the disc (to see the data) it won’t even show me any disc contents, I have even put the created data disc of mp3s into my dvdrom drive to try and explore it but it shows nothing on the disc (yet properties shows disc is full).

This is driving me batty cuz in general I have messed with cdrs for 10 years making audio and data discs and have even dabbled around with dvd-r creations and vcds etc etc, just can’t get what to me seems very simple (create and play a MP3 Data disc) to work…

Based on what I have written, is there anything I am overlooking or should be doing differently?

Thanks for any help and sorry for the newbie questions, I swear this is probably so simple yet I have blown about 10 discs and none work or can even be seen within my burner or dvdrom drive - now that is freaky to me.

Btw my burner is working fine, I have made other cdrs with jpg photos and audio cds as well as dvd-rs all on it just fine, just this simple cdr of mp3 data that has me stumped.

Bill :slight_smile:

BTW I did update nero to the newest version I could (without having to pay for upgrade) and also updated the firmware on my Pioneer 105 to the newest firmware of 1.33.

And these data discs I am making in nero, that I am checking the box for to finalize etc are not even showing up in MY COMPUTER when I try to just even see what is on that disc, to me that is very weird, I can’t even SEE the disc of mp3 data, when I choose explore on the burner or my dvdrom drive with the disc I just made in nero it doesn’t show anything at all, properties shows a full disc yet there is nothing to actually SEE in terms of what is on the disc, when I hit explore it just gives me some error message…

Hopefully some of this info will help too? Just trying to resolve all this garbage and make this mp3 boombox play a mp3 disc.

Also read thru the manual for this radio, very basic but only instructions are to finalize cdrs before trying to play, In nero I have tried this yet even after checking finalize and buring that disc isn’t recognized and even in the pc dvdrom and burner the pc doesn’t even really recognize it, yet looking at the disc it does appear to have burned data on it and in nero with the disc in it if I choose “display media info” it shows the disc and says SESSION OPEN (even tho during the burn process in properties I chose FINALIZE disc) and in that media info window I see two options to close session and close disc, I have clicked both and it appears to do something to the disc yet refreshing the info it still again shows an open disc and it still wont play in the mp3 boombox.

I even switched it over to nero express and went thru the properties and settings to confirm it was on finalize, and not a multisession disc, as well as made sure it was done in data mode and dragged the mp3 files over into the window, yet that completed disc also will not play in the boombox and will not show up in my computer when I try to just view the contents of the disc (very weird) even tried that disc in my dvdrom drive not the burner, still shows nothing, but again in nero express vs full blown nero under data info it shows an OPEN session with all the data I burned to it there.

I also have Prassi here, I am gonna monkey with blowing a few more discs before the night is over and try a few thru prassi and see what I can find out, I doubt its just the media, I have tried 3 different brands as well as the fact that my pc wont even see the data on the disc after it has burned and that nero shows the disc as OPEN session even tho clearly before burning I choose finalize with no multisession option…

Well I gave up after about 15 discs in nero, and tried prassi, burned about 6 folders of songs to a cdr in DAO CLOSED MODE and it worked like a charm, so must just be something goofy with nero… but I sorta have resolved my own problems here thru lots of trial and error at least I know I am not going nuts, in Prassi the disc finalizes and works fine in the boombox, go figure, im off to get some sleep now, and even tho I never did figure out nero’s issues I am just glad to know I can get mp3 discs working in this boombox finally…