Another Newbie needs help! LiteOn SOHW 812s

I have been having the same problems as Oak in [thread=116174]this thread[/thread]. I also use DVD shrink and nero 6 (all the latest versions).

I started out using princos with a hit and miss but most good result, then diferent princos, then shintaro and have had nothing but trouble. i then tried TDK after they were mentioned here as a reasonable brand. still no luck. i get the corrupt jumpy/blocky usually towards the end of the discs, but sometimes at the start of the moves and other random spots. i burn them at x4 and x2 but no difference. i even reformatted and started from scratch.

please please please help, my bin is getting awfully full of dud DVDs :confused:

I have attached a kprobe thingy from a dodgey TDK burn

@ Eugenic
Welcome:). Nice first post. Your problem IMHO is a bit different from Oaks. His discs aren’t being recognized or are badly corrupted and yours are just playing poorly. I would highly recommend that you flash to 812@832CG3E if you continue to use good +R media. If you want to use more -R media, then many people get good results from VY08(SonyDRU-700A) firmware. You can find the answers to the questions on flashing you might have by reading F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives. Post back with your results(it may help others) or if you have any quuestions not answered in the FAQ

thanks so much for your quick response, you guys really are the most helpful i have seen in any of forum of any topic :slight_smile:

ok a couple of quick questions. -R media is a lot more common and i think from what i have seen, cheaper, so i would rather go that option of course (and i have a bunch of blanks due to my testing different brands :frowning: ). the discs i have been using i am pretty sure are all -R. i have previously tried flashing to the SOHW 832s firmware, (not sure which version, the latest at the time i think) and still had the problems, so i went back to the latest factory for the 812s. would you say that the sony firmware would be the way to go for burning with my remaining -R discs? i am at work ATM so i will give it a bash when i get home.

last question what does the pretty graph mean? is it meant to gradient up like that? form the others i have seen in this forum, they all seem to peak a lot lower than 1400. rather than just told what to do to fix it, i’d also like to know why and how so i might be able to help others too.

thanks again please :smiley:

To learn what these graphs mean, you can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans.

beauty, thanks mate :slight_smile: sure looks like there is a problem here LOL. will try flashing to the sony firmware when i get home and do another kprobe. i hope i can get my burner to work with my -r shintaro and -r TDKs.

And I hope you buy some decent media to start with.

Your princo crap can be cheap when looking at price per disk, but if you look at price per good burn, your bucks would be better spent on brands like; RICOHJPNR01 or 02, Verbatims (MCC002 /003) or Taiyo Yuden T01 /T02. :slight_smile:

BTW, 812S is a great burner IMO. :bigsmile:

LOL @ pinto2. I know that now :(. that is why i bought the TDKs, was told they were alright. need to find a good place to get blanks from in Melbourne AUS.

ok i flashed with the sony firmware and did another burn. exactly the same result :sad: any ideas?

@ Eugenic
I assume you are now using the VY08 firmware. It may take 4 burns to get better results. Please post your kprobe results, as the graphs may show something that may help us help you. It is possible you may never get good results with the media you are using…even the ‘good’ TTG02 stuff is variable in results and it looks like you might not be lucky…pinto2 makes some excellent suggestions for better media. The 812/832/700A is capable of getting good results from better media. Don’t think of the crappy media as a total loss…someday there may be better firmwares and better burners to use them with (crosses fingers).

Hmm im shocked never seen such an horrible ttg02 scan ok i did use them several months ago but they did great the time i used them maybe the write strategy is not the best ?
Like mentioned above flash and try again.
If i didnt see that scan i would say TDKs are ok O.o

weird wouldn’t let me attach it before. here is the second TDK scan with my 812s flashed to VY08 (kindas funny when windows tells me i have a sony drive now :bigsmile: ) might grab some +r media and try again with the 832CG3E firmware. or would it be worth trying other -r discs?

@ Eugenic
Sorry that didn’t work out better for you. Others have had better results. I don’t know if it is your drive or a bad batch of media or both. I would try the 832-CG3E and some plus media from the pinto2 recommended list next. Keep us posted :). It wouldn’t hurt to try a TTG02 on CG3E while you get better media, although I wouldn’t expect good things

bugger :frowning: I wonder why it is a problem now. when i first got it it seemed to work fine, and that was with Princo discs. I have read about people refering to write strategies, is this something i could try? also there are lots of other options in omni patcher, should i tick any of those? does it matter about the orientation of the drive? i mean my PC is on it’s side so the drives are vertical not horizontal. what other things can cause this kind of crappy burns, over heating? dirty lense? bad fung shue?

@ Eugenic
You could try to fool with swapping write strategies, but there are no guaranteed results and most likely you will have bad results unless you do the research and choose wisely. This guy got good results with swapping the TY02 strategy for the TTG02 strat, but with a 1653 burner. The TYG02 seems to be the strat-swap-of-choice for many 8x -R media. However, if you do end up buying some TY02, you might want to swap back.

Here is a good result with TTG02 and CG3E.

In OmniPatcher, for CG3E I would recommend “Apply recommended DVD…”, and “Increase dvd…”’ and " Enable auto-bitsetting", and “fix the 'dead…cross-flashing”(if that isn’t greyed out).

A ‘vertical’ burn should not affect results…many external burners come with a vertical stand…but if you wanted to try a horizontal burn, it couldn’t hurt. Overheating and dirty lens could all affect burns in a bad way.

Best recommendation…get better media and save the other discs for another burner and another day…maybe someday there will be a better burn strat for them…or trade them to a somebody who has a burner that likes those discs.

some very good ideas there, will hopefully try them out tonight. i had another idea, i was going to set up an old PC and make it a dedicated burner. is there any minimum specs CPU or RAM wise that will affect burning?

@ Eugenic
From Lite-on

Pentium III 450 MHz or faster CPU and 128 MB or higher RAM are required
650 MB HDD available capacity; and 5 GB free space for creating a DVD image file
But I believe P3-800/256MB RAM is recommended minimum. Expect a slow rip/compress time if you have this kind of old PC and make sure your DMA is enabled. Make sure you are defragged and nothing else running as well.

DOH! i guess i could have found that. :eek: thanks for all your help so far, it has been great :bigsmile:

well i’ll be damned. flashed to CG3E and ticked the force fallback and applied all recommended thingies. and behold!!!
burned on a TDK -R

oh, and by the way… it seems to play fine too :wink: I will burn off a few more and do the kprobe thingy and post them here. thanks a bunch please :bow:

here is another i have burnt at x4 so far that is 3 that are like this :smiley: