Another newbie chasing answers

I find myself looking to put family vids onto dvd and after looking for a while at the maze of questions, answers, software, hardware etc I finaly have to bite the bullet and ask questions. A lot of my problems is not knowing what to ask for in the searches available on the many sites google etc. So I shall start right at the begining and hope that someone has the patience to pass on what may be to them pretty basic stuff. So here goes…

I have a pc and a mini dv video camera. I found that I could transfer the vids to the pc via firewire in nero6. This has allowed me to free up the tapes I have to record more home vids. I now have about 8 various sized clips on the HD. These show up as “video clips” playable in WMP. I have also found that I can create a DVD in nerovision express by adding these files. Now for the probs I have.

I have made a dvd with 2 of the files, these show on the menu as 2 seperate files and you can choose between them when I play it on a stand alone DVD. This option tho is only available when you first enter the disc. After that you can only play the whole thing as 1 no menu option is accessable unless you open / close door as if putting in a new disc. I have also tried playing it in WMP, while the DVD plays there is no sound and WMP says it cannot play this format. Altho it does without the sound until you close the info box whereby it then stops playing. Could this be because I have nero installed on a seperate partition?
I see a lot of DVD help pages etc they all talk of VOB files, upon exploring the made DVD I don’t see any VOB files. Nero has created show time files called VTS_01_1 etc. Are these VOB files? Is there a better way to make the DVD using these files on the HD. File type just says “video clip”.

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If you haven’t already tried this, your standalone DVD player has a ‘menu’ button and pushing that should get you back to the root menu where you have a choice. Otherwise the DVD-Video may not have been authored correctly and your machine is putting some sort of default menu up.

By VOB files, people usually mean the file extension ‘.vob’ which is a contraction of ‘Video Object’ file. If your PC has the display of file extensions turned off then you will not see this. However the ‘VTS_01_1…’ part of the filename indicates they are probably the .vob files.

Thank you, I’ve been here quite a while seaching the various threads now and again trying to find QA’s to what I think is relevent to me. Tho when you don’t know much that initself can be difficult :confused:

I’ve turned on the extensions and yes they are .vob thx.

Authoring, is that something that I have to do before I add the files to nerovision or is something in nerovision that I am not doing?

It’s difficult to say because that program claims to do many things. Does it ask you to define a menu with pictures and buttons at any stage?

It does yes, I just left it to the defaults to see what it turns out like. It shows just as it does on a pc when 1st loaded up. Its just that after you watch the first clip there is then no menu. Even using the menu button on the player. Yet if you open/close the door, as to simulate a new disc being entered the menu once again shows allowing you to choose which clip to play. I’ll carry on playing around now I know a little more see what happens.
Is there a better sry no faster way to change the .avi into dvd before burning. Nero took about 2hrs to do a 15 min clip, think it was about 2gig in size not sure now as I deleated it. Yes I know it will have a lot to do with the machine specs I have. A meagre 1gig athlon 768mb ram 80gig HDD. Just wondered if nero was the best option or whether to encode in another program then just burn with nero?