Another newb problem



I keep getting a pop up that says “cannot read sector 16” from DVD Decrypter. Will this affect playback?


May be due to copyright protection


Post your error log.

You will find that RipIt4Me keeps its DVD Decrypter logs in the target folder. If you use DVD Decrypter alone (eg to burn), its logs are kept in Program Files/DVD Decrypter.

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Look like this is the indication that the disc you are trying to copy is dirty. Try to clean it up.


can’t seem to find the logs it’s all program information.


From the RipIt4Me site.

Note this note.

18 January: We’re trying to fix the “Can’t read sector 16” problems. Can you help us please? If you have Sector 16 problems, please download this little utility, unzip it and extract the EXE to your desktop. Insert a DVD in the drive and run it and report the results to the forum. Thanks a lot for your help!

Keep checking back here regularly to find out what’s happening with RipIt4Me!

This little utility -

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The Forum for RiptIt4Me :

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I downloaded the utility and went through all my discs and clicked on the “read sector 16” and they all worked does that mean my discs are ok? Or will I just have to watch them and find out?