Another New Version Of RIPIT4ME.

Well the developers have been busy so here’s the new Version. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Version (7 November 2006)

This version uses a new algorithm for creating the PSL. This should make it more robust to completely screwed up DVDs.
Fixed a bug that could cause crashes during the blanking. This was responsible for some of the reported crashes.
Added debug log to saved logs. This will help us a lot. Just zip up your saved log folder and post that if you have a problem (see FAQ 8).
In ISO mode, the logs are now saved to a folder based on the name of the target rip folder (as in all other modes).
When RipIt4Me can’t copy all the IFOs, the user now has the option to see FAQ 21.
Fixed a bug that could cause problems during the copying of the IFOs in ISO mode.
Fixed a de-allocation problem that could occur when launching other processing.
Fixed a bug that could cause the CRC32 value to not be correct when copying the IFOs using DVD Decrypter.
Added LinkNextPC and LinkNextCell to button commands that prevent removing a menu cell.
Added -p flag to arguments to FixVTS to force fixing of bad PGC LBA pointers

Sorry…just noticed that jm1647 updated the information a few hours before i did,well
i’m blaming it on the new CDFREAKS website.