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Az-Tech Software, Inc. has announced its popular software-based copy protection system EVERLOCK, has just entered its beta cycle. This hardware/software combination lets developers protect their…

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Can you copy it with clonecd?

Hey! How will it stop to install the game on more than 1 computer, a cd is read only!
I hope that this is an april fool or you can copy the shit with clone cd!

Hmm, sounds difficult to crack, but they told also that Laserlock & Safedisc was
uncrackable, but we know for sure this wasn’t true :smiley:
It just take some more time but every protection could be broken! keep this in mind.

the more they say its impossible to crack, the more cracking groups will work on it. why do people climb the biggest cliff, ski the biggest slope?

Hey, can a computer run encrypted code? NO!

Therefore, in order to run the original program must be decoded (either in part or whole). It’s then just a case of dumping it to hard disk!

This was Armadillo’s undoing (and safedisk I think) and it’ll be EVERLOCK’s undoing too!!!

If they limit the number of installs you can make from the original, that would really suck. Oops. Installed it 5 times already. Can’t play it anymore.

Alles wat te maken is is ook na te maken, je kunt altijd een progje maken dat het tegen gaat zo iets als bijv. Generic SafeDisc Crack.

The are crazy that they are spending mony for copy protection the only way to hold on copy is to make the price cheaper.

That’s all I want to say.


I don’t get it why all those people try so hard to come up with new copy-protection techniques. Why don’t they just give up. I can understand protection software a little bit. It offers some people a nice challenge and makes sure that people have hobbies :slight_smile: But whatever they make, someone will eventually be able to undo it. And there is the protetion on audio-cd’s. those protections will also be broken eventually. Now there is some way to make sure that cd’s wont run on computers (so they couldn’t be copied)… Yeah right. O my, it won’t run on my pc, bummer. Well then, I will have to copy it with the build-in copier in my JVC tower… well, that protection helps. O, damn, my tower is broken… hmm, only writer left is in my computer. Hey I know. Let’s hook up my cd-player to my comp and record the songs with some programm. Voila, there goes the protection out the window. Bad quality? nah, my cd player has a digital out port and my comp a digital in. Even TNO wont know the diffirence in sound… Now my point is: give it up people, the only way to keep us from copying the stuff is making it not worth the effort. Make it cheaper, Madonna can only drive in one car at the time, she doesn’t need five…