Another new build problem

alright ive got my new pc going just have the small problem, i get this message when i start my computer up. “To protect your hardware from potential damage or causing a potential system lockup, the graphics processor has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operations.” pretty sure my psu is sufficient and ive read about this problem a lot with different results as causes

i have this psu and i have this graphics card

did you plug in the 6-pin pcie connector at the end of the video card?

yea i tried the one from my psu and i tried the one that came with my video card that plugs into 2 molex connectors, same prob both ways

You don’t want to hear this but Apevia is not a power supply brand that is well respected in the computer building community.
There’s only a few good ones in a sea of mediocrity.
I would suspect that your video card is throttling down due to lack of sufficient power.

If you have a volt meter you can measure the voltage at a molex connector while the PC is running.

i’l check it out when i can, how much does a volt meter cost now days and can some1 suggest a certain one? I’m on a little bit of a budget now

You can get them for as little as 6 bucks in an autoparts/electronics store. Here is a decent one off of ebay 11 bucks shipped, nicer quality than the ultra cheap ones.

You can also go into your BIOS and see what your power supply outputs are.
Or download and run Speedfan, PC Wizard or Everest Free Edition…they will display PS outputs.

This box has a 350W Antec that is still hangin’ in there…I’m happy with those numbers which are within a 1% tolerence.
Up to 3% is supposed to be OK, but I wouldn’t want to live with that.
Many a mobo has been torched by a faulty power supply.

I find that the software sensors are not always accurate. I’ve had software say a voltage is outta spec but with a VOM it was.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2040416]I find that the software sensors are not always accurate. I’ve had software say a voltage is outta spec but with a VOM it was.[/QUOTE]
I agree…I’ll run 3 or more apps for a consensus.
Laziness, I suppose, easier than getting out the tester and opening the case unless the readings are inconclusive.

well i didnt bother checking i just returned my psu and got this one and i’m still having the same problem

Are you running the drivers that came with the video card or did you download them directly from nvidia? The supplied drivers are usually garbage.

i’m running the ones that came with the video card and i checked online for new ones and it said i had the newest one and heres this

Your motherboard was from MSI right? try installing the MSI Dual core center , see if that gives you wacky voltages as well.

You need the .net framework installed in order to load that prog.

it’s an evga 650i ultra

Do you have the latest bios loaded on you MB? I’m not sure but it looks like P04 is the latest.

Your video card is capable of using a pcix16 v2.0 , maybe you need to set in the bios which mode that slot needs to run in.

Also, check your case temperatures. If you don’t have good ventilation for the case and especially around the video card it can run hot and will throttle back to reduce the heat generated. Maybe add a fan or two to keep things cool or rearrange the cards in the slots to provide more air flow around the video card. You could also run with the cover off and see if that makes a difference to help flush out the problem.