Another new audio copy protection, or

I just posted the article Another new audio copy protection, or….

Godsmacker used our newssubmit to tell us the latest CD of Creed that he just bought seems to have a new copy protection:

The new CD by Creed: Weathered has a very strange…

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if u have problems with the mp3s you must have em from a bad source, i’ve got em too and they are perfect!!! :7

It’s not the source, because everybody out there seems to be getting this shitty sound (like an alarm sound) in the middle of the tracks ! I’ve also downloaded the tracks from various sources, all the guys seem to have this damn sound in it!

I did find some tracks using morpheus that do NOT have this sound, and they’re labelled “no beeps!” -So somebody apparantyl has found a away to remove this alarm sound only from -SOME- tracks of the CD, not the whole tracks :C

I got them all off simplemp3s and they’re perfect!

And by the way I’m a little dissapointed with “Weathered”!! “Break the cycle” blows it away!!!

Hey guys is this not the new safe audio from macrovision? Fuck the protection whatever it is! :d

Definately no copy protection! This CD isn’t protected. The songs with that strange sound were there way before the official release. There are plenty of perfect versions now! :7

hmm I heard the cd and I do not get any loud beeps I got the official mp3 release from PMS for those know who I am talking about, that is the one to get. peace I think the Beep sounds are from the advance version. you need to get the full retail release peace

Aiiiight, I got a “clean” version of Weathered now … this CD is just pure shit :frowning: I recommend you all get “Break The Cycle” or “Morning View” by Incubus instead :slight_smile: Peace out :8