Another Netflix Low Point

My neighbor brought this over. I knew Netflix had special sets of discs made with more discs than the original issue so they could get additional rental fees but this goes beyond that. He rented a “two disc” set of a concert that originally comes on a single disc. Netflix sent him two copies of the same double sided disc. Disc “one” had a label pasted on side B. Disc “two” had a label pasted on side A.

Anything for a buck.

I’m thinking about joining either netflix or blockbuster. I think I’m gonna go with blockbuster as my brother is with netflix and he says the same thing as your post pointed to.

In spite of all they pull, they are still the best.

In spite of all they pull, they are still the best. Stick with Netflix.


stay with them as long as they serve your needs well.

I’m currently quite miffed with them. They’ve said several videos needed multiple days to ship. The last one that hasn’t arrived is the Karate Kid, Part II, a low-demand but well available title. I’m reading about how Netflix does delay shipping for high use users…seems to be the case for me, too. :a

It’s odd, because I’m not considered a “high-use” user, at least by the # of dvds I have out at one time (3/time). They now delay my shipments for 2 days, then it might get here in 1-4 days. Their service is now on par with what I had with Blockbuster 3 months ago, although Blockbuster never delayed sending my dvds the same day (but it would take 2-3 days).

I would say Netflix might be a SLIGHTLY better choice if one lives close to one of their distribution centers and lives in a city that’s a USPS hub for the area, as you’ll get 1 day delivery were both are true–even if they delay each dvd shipment 1 day before ‘shipping.’ Otherwise, if you’re like me (living in the country and not close to a major USPS hub), then you’re stuck and once Netflix stops ‘trying’ and starts being ‘half-assed,’ they are no better if not slightly WORSE than Blockbuster. In my experience, it’s really no better than a toss up. If Blockbuster is really serious, though, stays open Saturdays, and doesn’t pull the deliberate ‘delays’ Netflix does, Netflix could find themselves in big trouble soon. From talking to them on the phone and from emailing them, it’s obvious they are already sitting on their butts and thinking no one will catch them.

I cant believe people are complaining about Netflix, I average a 4 day turnaround worst case. That averages to 7.5 returns a month, 3 movies per round, that is about 22 per month.

If you’re getting 22/month for more than 3 months, count yourself lucky. :iagree: I was getting 22-23/month, but only for a little over 2 1/2 months. Now, they deliberately hold up the dvd shipments. You also live in Albuquerque, so that’s likely both a USPS hub and close to a Netflix distribution center, which proves my point–anyone in that circumstance is less likely to find a slow-down in service than people like me who don’t live right by both a USPS hub and Netflix distruibution center.

Well, if you ever get ‘throttled back’ to 12/month, you might join the ranks of the dissenters. Personally, I hope you continue experiencing excellent service. However, I would recommend you do a little more reading, so you’ll see that more aside from just me have suffered this same ‘slowdown.’

did you try cancelling and signing up with another credit card, they might think your a new member meaning fast shipping once again

Well, I’m actually considering Blockbuster again, since both services (once Netflix delays it like they are now) are basically equal in service and return time. I was considering going back to Netflix after a month or so off (depending on how Blockbuster handles things) with the different credit card, because I had read someone suggested that very thing (to cancel and sign up again) when Netflix wasn’t letting them have access to the newest releases.

Blockbuster / Netflix both suck. I haven’t been using any and when my girlfriend and I catch a nerve to watch movies on the weekend we’ll go out and buy a new one or two. Plenty of cheap titles at Wal-Mart and various other stores out there that are brand new. I got Short Circuit and The Gate for $5.50 ealier on in the week. (Score! hehe).

Renting has become to much of a pain and more to worry about then I need. When it starts feeling like a second job then I don’t need it. Of course, this is just me, my life is hectic right now and the lack of time certainly cuts into movie watching time. :frowning:

do you have a hollywood video nearby? they have a deal that i use every coupla months. i think to start with it is $30 for 3 months and after that i think last time 40 but it is unlimited 3 out at a time. when i first started i “watched” over 100 movies each of the 3 months. now i do it every 5th or 6th month so i can catch up on the newer stuff. i “watched” 18 in one day and they didn’t say anything :slight_smile:

i thought the hollywood video thing was only 1 out at a time

You are probably right. If I ever do drop down to 12 a month I’ll switch to someone else.

Braxas, I’m forced to agree with you that the online rentals can feel like a ‘second job.’ :frowning: I, unfortunately live 33 miles from the closest city of any size, and both the Blockbuster, Walmart, and Hollywood Videos there have a very small foreign section–which is what I primarily watch. Also, even the other older English titles I like many times are not available or not even on the shelf. So, I’m kinda stuck. :eek:

Cnl…Hollywood video shouldn’t say anything for 30 rentals/mo, because the VHS/DVD selection they have is likely (except for the newest releases) already paid for, so they can’t lose money on something they’re not incurring an additional cost for (i.e., postage for mailing like BB or NF), and don’t have to hire additional manpower to ship it/process it. If I lived close to a BB, I would try their 2/a time Movie Pass and they told me they didn’t care if you came in every two hours and took out 2 more movies each day.

(edit) To Ted:

I was unaware they’ve discontinued it. Call your local BB to be sure and ask them if it is a nationwide BB ‘drop,’ then post here if they’ve discontinued it.

i dont think blockbuster has those in store movie passes anymore, correct me if im wrong, because if i am, im heading straight there

nope 3 @ a time link

30 a month :rolleyes: umm i would say more like 100-150 a month :iagree: when i did it the first 90 days i put more miles on going to HV than i did for groceries, work, ect. i “watched” 18 movies in one day… if i had more computers i would have “watched” more of them.

it doesnt actually say how many at a time unless i missed it???

also im sure you have to be a member of hollywood video, does that cost anything to sign up?

Ted, BB doesn’t charge for a membership just to rent, and neither has any other video store charged me. It should be free for Hollywood also