Another Nero 5.10 problem

Not seen a thread on this as yet,Anyway installed latest as usual - Problem on nero express side of program-when i insert my discs to copy on the fly or not doesnt matter which then start nero Ex up and click copy disc the reader picks up the lity 163 but the writer is blank with nothing in at all ,thus cannot burn !!!. ok moving on - next i started nero first without discs in drives and go to copy disc again ‘‘on express version’’ this time it shows the drives are there -Good up to yet-ok insert discs and ping writer Gone Again:confused: .
OK lets check the info Tool then- and here we go again - it dont work, gives a quick flash on screen as if it was goin to do its stuff but nope it Dont.:rolleyes:

Ok back to 5.9.17 blah blah last version - works fine with all conditions of writing / reading etc - but again info tool gives me a quick flash and dissapears. OK I,ll stay with last version for now and live with info tool not working…

Any body else have these probs??

WHOOPS -Nearly forgot , Also in options on Express next to the drive - Also throws a wobbly too where you can disable smartburn- but fine on old version.

I am having the same problem. I can not read and write from the same drive. If I choose the CDR as the read drive, then the write drive option remains blank. Reverting back to an older version 5.5.9x solves the problem. Hopefully they will release a fixed version soon.

I have this problem on 2 different computers.

Edit… Just wanted to add, this only happens in “Nero Express”

I am havingthe exact same problem. it is apparently a “bug” in the new Nero version. no doubt we will see an “update” released soon as it appears to be a widespread problem.

With my system i’ve got exact the same problem, with copy on the fly in the writer option it leaves blanc and the burn button
remains grey,
dvd aopen 162448

Same problem here guys.

Dosnt like my dvd drive anymore either.

Same problem with me, when i Nero 5.10 neither nero or nero express burn the cd & when i switch back to older virsion every thing is fine

I have been suprised at aheads lack of response to this bug. generally with a bug this big they are pretty prompt in releasing a fix. doesnt look like they are going to this time though.