Another NEC ND-6500A 2.81 firmware



I’ve dumped this firmware from a HP oem drive
It is newer than the firmware in


There is a 2.81 firmware already on my page. Just have a look at the 6500 original Firmwares.


Yes, I know
But the one i dumped is little bit different

The older 2.81 firmware in your page is
NEC 2.81 18/11/04 1.24 1.24 1.37f 1.30f 1.52h2 1.30h 1.25f No No No

But the one I dumped is
NEC 2.81 25.02.2005 1.24 1.25 1.37f 1.31f 1.52h2 1.32h 1.25f

yes yes no


What is the latest original firmware for this drive? Do any of them burn Ritek DVD-R G04 or G05 at 8X? Thanks!