Another napster lookalike

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Despite all the law suits against exchange services like Napster, more and more exchange programs are…

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damn how much can we handle ?
there are toooo many napster lookalike’s

keep in mind, this may be a good thing, so that we will always be able to trade music and files.

There’s too many…but then again, we decide what we wanna use. I think it’s cool

Sounds good to me

this one looks nice to me :smiley:

let’s give it a try

The problem is, the more programs similar to napster there are, the more people will be divided between them.
The power of napster is the huge number of users/songs.
With less users there will be less thingies to d/l

I mean :’(


I can’t even cry here

to be honest there are so many people in the market that that wont matter.

can’t wait for my cable connection

BitBit3r sounds like you are a microsoft fan = 1 Operating System that we all can use instead of 20 OS´s …

NAPSTER IS THE BEST but good luck to the other site.

I think this piece of software sux big time, install is full of errors and interface is crap.

I’m happy with these napster lookalike’s what if they shut down napster then we all have a problem but with these lookalike’s the music industrie’s must admit that file sharing is something they can’t stop.
By the way check this page it’s full of mp3z no broken links full downloads with a dutch top100
Get your mp3z at

I think Napster is the best!

But if “they” shut it down I hope there is some other music finder!

But I am allmoust sure they won’t but it down