Another mp3 splitting question!

Hi guys. Looks like it’s been asked here before, but I can’t find a real answer.
I have a large mp3 file, a dj compilation. There are no pauses between tracks. I want to be able to skip tracks in my cd player WITHOUT breaking mp3 into smaller files. I dont want any pauses.
so, is there a way to ‘trick’ a cd player into thinking that this mp3 file has multiple tracks? So if I dont skip anything, and listen to whole cd, there WONT be any signs that it’s not a single file?
Thanks a lot.

Looked here already?

Yes I did. I do know how to split one file into a few smaller ones. As I said before, I dont to keep my big file. I want cd player to “think” that my cd has many tracks.
Now is it possbile or not?