Another movie leaked to the internet before theatrical release

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TheOnlyBob used our newssubmit to tell us that according to an article on the Slyck website, another movie, ‘Analyze That’, has made its way to the internet before its theatrical…

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Isnt it amazing that the MPAA is in the same boat as the RIAA? When will they both learn that when the economy is bad, and people want to hold onto there dollars, it doesnt mean keep raising prices. Plus the MPAA wont lose that much cause as it was said the movie experience cant be duped at home, but with home theater systems and wide screens, and the comfort of watching it at home far out weighs that to most people. I was in the city yesterday, and the line I saw for a movie (Die another Day) was clear around the corner, so they shouldnt be crying over anything. But they should remember one thing just like the RIAA and the software companies, if its man made, it can be copied, & cracked. And until they see price is the motivator and not greed, then they will always have this problem. Just my 2c

man oh man am i excited to see ANALyze That!

Hey, I just thought… The RIAA could catch up with the MPAA (making the experience more difficult to recreate) by getting a law passed that makes all Hi-Fi equipment illegal. See… No speakers, not high quality digital sound, just gramophones. That way piracy would be stopped straight away. Or something…

what i don’t get is why anyone bothers to download horrible eye-straining quality movies from some guys video camera? which lacks among other things, stable video / STEREO sound / the right colors. the MPAA has nothing to worry 'bout… 'til the movie makes it to DVD anyways :d

@msissons: shh. don’t give them any ideas.:wink: @draconus: i totally agree with you, watching a pirated film from a video camera is a horrible experience. Like you said, the MPAA has nothing to worry about until it comes out on dvd. I’ll bet they’ll pass a law making dvds illegal or something. Why don’t they just back off? I am so sick and tired of hearing them complain about it, lower your prices (more of a problem with the RIAA) and make good products that people want to buy. I think that the new trend is getting extra bonuses for getting the dvd or cd. Such as special internet features, free stuff, free dvds, etc. Raising the prices is not the solution. Give the consumers and incentive to buy.

who is going to download a movie with Liza Kudrow? her performance is = :c

Who are they kidding that these first run or pre-release movies are leaving IRC and usenet for the likes of Kazaa? Fasttrack is an excellent protocol but very very BAD at spreading new stuff. I think those “average users” who want a copy of Analyze That will probably not get a copy until after it’s release. MPAA are just trying to make themselves look like poor little victims.

I’m only too happy to take the time to D/L, burn & watch the TS or SCR of a movie- if the movie is :r, I’ve just saved myself $20. GOOD movies (such as LOTR) I am glad to pay to see in the theatre. Let’s face it: just as with software, if the product kicks ass, people will pay for it.

if the studio’s get their way, no dvd’s just movielink all the way:r

Some good points Basically saying that you cant afford to go to the movies but seem to find plenty of money for broadband connections. Could be one of two reasons A.The pocket money mum and dad give you for mowing the lawn isnt enough B.Cheap arses

$20.- for 1 movie ticket? What theatre charges that much?

Some info on the first rip, for those that are curious: The group that released it was FTF, and it’s 2 CDs. The format is VCD, and the rip is a telesync. The release date was November 24, 2002. FTF is the same group that released a 2 CD version of Episode II before its big theatrical debut. On December 4, 2002 a new group called tNB put out their own 2 disc telesync, in SVCD format. The picture is slightly better than that of the FTF release.